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Organic Australian ShirazAlcohol£14.49
Spartico Tempranillo No Sulfites OrgAlcohol£11.49
Organic Jasci ItaliaAlcohol£13.99
Organic Rosso Italian Red WineAlcohol£8.69
Organic Rouge France – Vintage RootsAlcohol£10.49
Chilean Org Pinot Noir 13.5% – Mont GrasAlcohol£15.20
Bizarra Extravaganza Amphora TannatAlcohol£19.95
Sauvignon Blanc AdobeAlcohol£10.99
Merlot Stellar OrganicsAlcohol£10.49
Rioja TempranilloAlcohol£10.35
Insieme Red No Sulphur -Org- Santa TresaAlcohol£12.99
Zero Kaleidoscope W&TAlcohol£3.15
Black Fox Cider – DunkertonsAlcohol£4.05
Five Point 0.5% Pale AleAlcohol£2.90
Org Opia Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol FreeAlcohol£6.99
Melea Verdejo & Sauvignon BlancAlcohol£11.65
Cabernet Sauvignon Stellar OrganicsAlcohol£10.79
Italian Red-Passitivo Primitivo PugliaAlcohol£14.90
Pinot Grigio – OrgAlcohol£11.50
Org Da Mhile Apple Brandy 350MlAlcohol£29.99
Dragora Red Org 75ClAlcohol£11.50
Anarkia Tannat-Bodega Pablo FallabrinoAlcohol£17.95
Sicilian White – Grillo ViognierAlcohol£13.65
Chilean Org Sauv Blanc 12.5% – Mont GrasAlcohol£15.20
Melea Tempranillo RedAlcohol£11.65
Bizarra Extravaganza Orange WineAlcohol£18.90
Prosecco Proverbio 11% OrgAlcohol£14.30
Rose Wine- FedeleAlcohol£11.50
Nero D’Avola Red Wine- FedeleAlcohol£11.50
White Catarrato/Pinot Grigio – FedeleAlcohol£11.60
Sicilian White Wine – FedeleAlcohol£11.09
Org Opia Rose Alcohol FreeAlcohol£6.99
Sicilian Red Wine- FedeleAlcohol£11.05
Organic Bianco Italy 12.5%Alcohol£9.89
Kaleidoscope W&TAlcohol£3.45
Safe To Flush Paper Wipes – NatracareBaby & Child£2.29
Broc Pear & Pea – Ella’S KitchenBaby & Child£1.60
Veg & Lentil Bake – Ella’S KitchenBaby & Child£2.39
Midi No.2 Nappies – Beaming BabyBaby & Child£12.99
Baby Wipes Organic Cotton – NatracareBaby & Child£4.59
Gingerbread Men – OrganixBaby & Child£3.15
Baby Neutral Hair Body Shampoo – LaveraBaby & Child£8.99
Maxi Plus No.4 Nappies – Beaming BabyBaby & Child£11.65
Degradable Nappy Sacks – Beaming BabyBaby & Child£3.40
Cotton Patches For Kids -Org- OrganiiBaby & Child£3.95
Child Toothbrush – EnvironmentalBaby & Child£3.25
Calendula Nappy CreamBaby & Child£7.99
Maxi No.3 Nappies – Beaming BabyBaby & Child£15.15
The Yellow One – Ella’S KitchenBaby & Child£1.17
The Purple One – Ella’S KitchenBaby & Child£1.19
Mini No.1 Nappies – Beaming BabyBaby & Child£5.85
Animal Biscuits – OrganixBaby & Child£2.69
The Red One – Ella’S KitchenBaby & Child£1.17
Vital Vits Kids Multi 30S Higher NatureBaby & Child£8.39
Junior No.5 Nappies – Beaming BabyBaby & Child£11.19
Displaced Dishes Recipe BookBooks£15.00
So What Do U Eat- Liz CookBooks£14.95
Womens Healing Herbs Chart- Liz CookBooks£6.95
Essential Oils Chart- Liz CookBooks£6.95
Good Earth Gardening BookBooks£9.99
Viva! What I Need In A Day WallchartBooks£2.35
Viva! Vegan Vitamins WallchartBooks£2.35
At Home With AromatherapyBooks£14.95
Fruit For Life Book – Tim FosterBooks£12.99
Yoga Chart- Liz CookBooks£6.95
Nutritional Chart- Liz CookBooks£6.95
Fruit N Veg Chart- Liz CookBooks£6.95
Seasonal Fruit & Veg- Liz CookBooks£6.95
50Th Anniversary Vegan CookbookBooks£2.00
Natural Cleaning Chart- Liz CookBooks£6.95
Natural First Aid Chart- Liz CookBooks£6.95
Hazelnuts (Org)Bulk£16.85
Dark Speckled Lentils OrganicBulk£7.99
Peanuts (Org)Bulk£7.99
Brown Lentils OrganicBulk£4.50
Chia Seeds (Org)Bulk£7.30
Pecan HalvesBulk£22.50
White Basmati- Org – EssentialBulk£5.20
Red Split Lentils (Org)Bulk£3.75
Roasted & Salted PistachiosBulk£19.55
Gourmet Seed Mix – OrgBulk£9.95
Dessicated Coconut – OrganicBulk£8.95
Chilli Rice CrackersBulk£16.95
Nut Mix OrganicBulk£19.99
Super Hi-Fi Muesli (Org)Bulk£9.99
Fruit & Nut MixBulk£15.99
Soft Light Brown SugarBulk£5.25
Sultanas (Org)Bulk£6.95
Bombay MixBulk£6.99
Brazils (Org)Bulk£18.50
Ground AlmondsBulk£10.50
Wholewheat Fusilli Organic – EssentialBulk£4.35
Green Lentils (Org)Bulk£4.99
Cashews Whole (Org)Bulk£16.00
Chick Peas (Org)Bulk£5.00
Long Grain Brown Rice OrganicBulk£5.65
White Basmati – Non OrgBulk£4.25
Short Grain Rice OrganicBulk£4.45
Pumpkin Seeds (Org)Bulk£10.85
Plain Chocolate Drops – OrgBulk£19.99
Almonds (Org)Bulk£24.30
Red Kidney Beans OrganicBulk£5.99
Engevita Yeast Flakes + B12Bulk£30.99
Tvp Flavoured MinceBulk£5.55
Sesame Seeds (Org)Bulk£6.00
Walnut Pieces (Org)Bulk£12.45
White Penne OrganicBulk£4.29
Gf Brown Rice Penne OrganicBulk£10.25
Sunflower Seeds (Org)Bulk£4.85
Brown Basmati Org – EssentialBulk£4.75
Bulgar (Org)Bulk£3.35
Apple Rings OrganicBulk£36.99
Apple & Cinnamon Cereal (Org)Bulk£7.99
Deluxe Muesli (Org)Bulk£8.05
Fruit Crunch (Org)Bulk£6.25
Millet Grain (Org)Bulk£4.19
Raisins (Org)Bulk£9.99
Malted Bran Flakes OrganicBulk£7.99
Jumbo Oats (Org)Bulk£2.25
Arborio Rice (Risotto) OrganicBulk£8.95
Cous Cous Wholemeal (Org)Bulk£5.00
Spicy ChickpeasBulk£5.99
Harvest MuesliBulk£3.85
Porridge Oats (Org)Bulk£2.35
Black Jumbo Raisins (Non Org)Bulk£4.25
Apricots Dried (Org)Bulk£22.95
Mulberries Dried White (Org)Bulk£15.95
Mango Dried (Org)Bulk£21.50
Carob Raisins – Not VeganBulk£8.95
Currants (Org)Bulk£10.00
Crystalised Ginger – OrgBulk£10.00
Figs Dried- OrganicBulk£12.99
Banana Chips OrganicBulk£9.99
Dates Pitted (Org)Bulk£7.00
Linseed Gold (Flaxseed) (Org)Bulk£4.55
Pitted Prunes (Sorbated)Bulk£9.49
Chewy Banana CoinsBulk£14.99
Yoghurt RaisinsBulk£8.99
Raw Buckwheat OrganicBulk£5.00
Supreme Muesli (Org)Bulk£7.89
Cous Cous White (Org)Bulk£5.99
Classic Muesli (Org)Bulk£6.25
Milk Chocolate BrazilsBulk£13.99
Carob Peanuts – Not VeganBulk£7.65
Date & Apricot Muesli (Org)Bulk£6.79
Quinoa Org – EssentialBulk£7.00
Granola OrganicBulk£6.99
Roasted Buckwheat- OrgBulk£5.99
Rose & Geranium Facial ScrubBody Products£9.59
Glycerine 50Ml- Amour NaturalBody Products£2.45
Super Plus Tampons – NatracareBody Products£3.59
Soap Collection – ZaytounBody Products£17.99
Panty Liners Mini – NatracareBody Products£2.05
Curved Panty Liners- NatracareBody Products£2.00
Soap Coconut Loose – Faith In NatureBody Products£2.20
Maxi Regular Pads – NatracareBody Products£2.59
Ultra Pads W/ Wings Regular – NatracareBody Products£2.69
Super Greens Facial Moisturiser -SukinBody Products£9.99
Foaming Facial Cleanser Pump – SukinBody Products£7.95
Charcoal Toothpaste – KingfisherBody Products£3.35
Bath-Time Smile – LoofcoBody Products£3.50
Soothing Lavender Body Lotion – UrtekramBody Products£8.75
Period Cup Size M -Ft- Fair SquaredBody Products£19.95
Washable Cloth Day Pad Plus – Eco FemmeBody Products£9.25
Volumising Conditioner 500Ml -SukinBody Products£6.95
Natural Balance Conditioner 500Ml -SukinBody Products£6.95
Lemon Olive Soap – ZaytounBody Products£4.45
Washable Cloth Day Pad – Eco FemmeBody Products£8.75
Hydrating Body Lotion – SukinBody Products£12.95
Rose Geranium Facial OilBody Products£10.99
Washable Cloth Pantyliners – Eco FemmeBody Products£10.65
Bergamot & Patchouli Body Wash -SukinBody Products£9.95
Orange Geranium & Patchouli Body CreamBody Products£10.99
Washable Cloth Night Pad – Eco FemmeBody Products£9.45
Rosehip Day Cream – SukinBody Products£18.95
Coconut Shampoo – Faith In NatureBody Products£6.65
Volumising Shampoo 500Ml -SukinBody Products£6.95
Soap Box – FriendlyBody Products£6.50
Green Clay Face Mask – HeavenlyBody Products£9.59
Pure Olive Soap – ZaytounBody Products£4.45
Coffee & Cedar Soap – AlternativeBody Products£3.15
Mint Toothpaste W/ Flouride – KingfisherBody Products£3.35
Dead Sea Bath Salts – ZaytounBody Products£7.00
Soothing Lavender Conditioner – UrtekramBody Products£6.85
Spf15 Anti-Ageing Facial Sun Cream – OrgBody Products£15.00
Soothing Lavender Shampoo – UrtekramBody Products£7.25
Lavender Water Spray 50Ml- AmourBody Products£4.50
Rosehip Night Cream – SukinBody Products£18.95
Shea & Argan Shampoo Bar – FaithBody Products£6.99
Rose & Geranium Soap – AlternativeBody Products£3.15
4N Chestnut- HerbatintBody Products£10.99
Mooncup Size BBody Products£23.50
Super Plus Pads – NatracareBody Products£2.65
Blue Cedar &Pine – Wylder NaturalsBody Products£3.00
Tea Tree & Eucalyptus – Wylder NaturalsBody Products£3.00
Lemongrass & Coconut – Wylder NaturalsBody Products£3.00
Heavenly Rose Geranium Eye & Face CreamBody Products£10.99
Orange & Patchouli – Your NatureBody Products£8.45
Unscented- Deo Your NatureBody Products£8.45
Lemon & M. Chang Deo Your NatureBody Products£8.45
Lav & Ber Deo Your NatureBody Products£8.45
Natural Balance Shampoo 500Ml -SukinBody Products£6.95
Lav & Tea Tree Conditioner Bar- FriendlyBody Products£4.95
Chamomile Eye & Face Cream – HeavenlyBody Products£10.99
Tea Tree Conditioner – Faith In NatureBody Products£6.65
Soft Nylon Toothbrush- YawecoBody Products£3.75
Charcoal Truthpaste 100MlBody Products£8.99
Child Refill Toothbrush Heads – YawecoBody Products£7.95
Child Nylon Toothbrush – YawecoBody Products£3.95
Medium Nylon Brush Heads X4- YawecoBody Products£7.95
Medium Nylon Toothbrush- YawecoBody Products£3.95
1N Black – HerbatintBody Products£11.69
Lavender & Geranium Shampoo – FaithBody Products£6.65
2N Brown – HerbatintBody Products£10.80
Cotton Buds Organic- Simply GentleBody Products£2.69
Cotton Pleat Org – Simply GentleBody Products£2.49
Cotton Wool Pads Organic- Simply GentleBody Products£2.69
Maternity Pads- NatracareBody Products£3.09
Light Incontinence Pads- NatracareBody Products£4.19
Panty Liners Ultra Thin -Org- NatracareBody Products£2.49
Soft Nylon Brush Heads X4- YawecoBody Products£7.95
Ff1 Flash Henna Red – HerbatintBody Products£10.80
Mint Tpaste Fluoride Free- KingfisherBody Products£3.35
Lav & Geranium Conditioner Bar- FriendlyBody Products£5.40
Aloe Vera Body Wash- Faith In NatureBody Products£5.99
Lavender & Geranium Conditioner – FaithBody Products£6.69
Rosemary Conditioner – Faith In NatureBody Products£6.69
Castile Liquid Soap 250Ml – Org – AmourBody Products£6.50
Rosemary Shampoo – Faith In NatureBody Products£6.69
Aloe Vera Gel Org – Aloe PuraBody Products£7.25
8N Light Blonde- HerbatintBody Products£8.85
7D Golden Blonde Hair Dye- HerbatintBody Products£10.80
6N Dark Blonde – HerbatintBody Products£10.99
6D Dark Golden Blonde- HerbatintBody Products£8.85
Ultra Super Pads With Wings – NatracareBody Products£2.69
Super Applicator Tampons (Org) – NatracaBody Products£3.79
Olive Oil Soap – OlivaBody Products£1.99
Fennel- Fluoride Free-KingfisherBody Products£3.35
Reg Applicator Tampons (Org) – NatracareBody Products£3.59
Sandalwood & Berg – Your NatureBody Products£8.45
Lemongrass & Tea Tree – Your NatureBody Products£8.45
Toothbrush Coloured – UbrandBody Products£3.65
Tea Tree Shampoo – Faith In NatureBody Products£6.69
Lav & Geranium Shampoo Bar – FriendlyBody Products£2.95
Hand Care Set – Faith In NatureBody Products£7.49
Fennel+Fluoride- KingfisherBody Products£3.35
Faith In Nature – Coconut Shower & BathBody Products£5.99
Coconut Conditioner – Faith In NatureBody Products£6.65
Savasana Cbd Muscle Rub – JarBody Products£42.99
Orange & Lavender Shaving Bar – FriendlyBody Products£2.95
Lav & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar- FriendlyBody Products£2.95
Rio Rosa Mosqueta OilBody Products£13.95
Baking Soda Toothpaste F/Fre- KingfisherBody Products£3.35
Soap Tin – MutinyBody Products£3.99
Magnesium Flakes – WestlabBody Products£7.49
Facial Wipes Rose – Cheeky PandaBody Products£4.15
Henna (Red) 500GBody Products£15.30
Natural Raspberry Lip Balm – BenecosBody Products£2.95
Hya Power Face Serum Org – BenecosBody Products£7.95
Calendula & Marsh Balm 30Ml – LyonsleafBody Products£11.99
Zinc & Calendula Cream 30Ml – LyonsleafBody Products£11.99
Wild Rose Face Cream Org – BenecosBody Products£6.95
Rose Soap -Org- UrtekramBody Products£2.65
Mutiny Shaving Kit MiniBody Products£19.99
Day Pads – OrganycBody Products£4.85
Shaving Soap – MutinyBody Products£4.35
Soft Toothbrush EnvironmentalBody Products£2.75
Baby-Mild Liquid Soap – Dr BronnersBody Products£8.79
Almond Face Cream Org – BenecosBody Products£6.95
Shea Face Cream Org – BenecosBody Products£6.95
Night Pads – OrganycBody Products£5.25
Calendula Cream 30Ml – LyonsleafBody Products£11.99
Savasana Muscle Rub 50Ml – Cbd BristolBody Products£21.99
Arnica Gel 60Ml – AmphoraBody Products£5.75
Bamboo Comb – Slim – FeteBody Products£6.50
Bamboo Comb – Wide – FeteBody Products£7.00
Natural Vanilla Lip Balm – BenecosBody Products£2.95
Oatly Handy – Benecos BioBody Products£5.95
Mutiny Shaving Kit FullBody Products£28.99
Aloedent MouthwashBody Products£4.99
Skin Food Lip Balm – WeledaBody Products£8.05
Skin Food Light 30Ml – WeledaBody Products£10.49
Sos Repair Hand Cream -Org – LaveraBody Products£6.95
Citrus Fresh Deodorant – WeledaBody Products£11.65
Mindful Bath Salts – WestlabBody Products£8.45
Basis Moisturising Cream Q10 – LaveraBody Products£19.50
Anti Ageing Night Cream – LaveraBody Products£20.75
Basis All Round Cream 150Ml- LaveraBody Products£9.85
Cleansing Milk 2 In 1 – LaveraBody Products£10.85
Frankincense & Rose Serum – AmphoraBody Products£9.99
Anti-Dandruff 2In1 – JasonBody Products£14.99
Recover Bath Salts 1Kg – WestlabBody Products£8.99
Frankincense & Rose Face Cream – AmphoraBody Products£6.99
Medium Toothbrush EnvironmentalBody Products£2.95
Wild Rose Deodorant – WeledaBody Products£11.65
Lavender Gel – AmphoraBody Products£5.99
Lemon, Thyme & Tea Tree Lip Balm 30MlBody Products£4.50
Skin Food 75Ml – WeledaBody Products£11.79
Revitalising Rosemary Hair Tonic WeledaBody Products£12.99
Rose Olive Soap – ZaytounBody Products£4.45
Chamomile Flower Water Spray 50Ml- AmourBody Products£3.95
Lavender Eye & Face Cream – HeavenlyBody Products£10.99
Tea Tree Shampoo – UrtekramBody Products£7.25
Rose Crystal Deodorant Org – UrtekramBody Products£5.99
Rose Shampoo – UrtekramBody Products£7.25
Lavender Liquid Soap – Dr BronnersBody Products£9.85
Rosehip Seed Org Mosqueta 50Ml – AmourBody Products£15.95
Rose Liquid Soap – Dr BronnersBody Products£9.79
Bergamot & Patchouli Body Lotion -SukinBody Products£12.95
Soap Orange Loose – Faith In NatureBody Products£2.25
Soap Lavender Loose – Faith In NatureBody Products£2.25
Soap Hemp & Green Tea Loose – FaithBody Products£2.25
Rose Conditioner – UrtekramBody Products£6.25
Facial Wipes Coconut – Cheeky PandaBody Products£4.15
Sarakan ToothpasteBody Products£3.65
Rose Water Org Spray 50Ml- AmourBody Products£4.50
Evening Primrose Oil -Org- 10Ml AmourBody Products£3.95
Epsom Salts – WestlabBody Products£6.49
Bamboo Hairbrush Small – FeteBody Products£8.30
Period Cup Size L -Ft- Fair SquaredBody Products£19.95
Original Condoms – Fair SquaredBody Products£10.95
Rosehip Seed Org Mosqueta 10Ml – AmourBody Products£4.95
Spf 30 Mineral Suncream – SuntribeBody Products£23.00
Liquid Handwash Fragrance Free – Bio DBody Products£4.30
Bath-Time Loofah – LoofcoBody Products£3.45
Savasana Muscle Rub 30Ml – Cbd BristolBody Products£14.99
Witch Hazel Distilled 100Ml- AmourBody Products£4.95
Facial Moisturiser Pump – SukinBody Products£7.95
Hemp Sun Lotion Spf30 – YaohBody Products£12.99
Regular Tampons 100% Cotton – OrganycBody Products£4.75
Loose Soap Aloe – Faith In NatureBody Products£2.29
Dental Floss Fresh Mint – The Humble Co.Body Products£2.95
Loose Soap Grapefruit- Faith In NatureBody Products£2.25
Floss Picks – The Humble Co.Body Products£4.99
Shark Shaving BladesBody Products£1.75
Cbd Bath Melts – Mixed ScentBody Products£3.99
Rose Geranium Facial CleanserBody Products£11.99
Lavender & Geranium Shampoo Bar – FaithBody Products£6.99
Childrens Strawberry ToothpasteBody Products£3.80
Hopi Ear CandlesBody Products£11.49
Aloedent Toothpaste Triple ActionBody Products£5.45
Facial Sun Cream Anti Age 15 Spf-OrganiiBody Products£14.89
Wild Rose Shampoo – Faith In NatureBody Products£6.65
Hemp Lip Balm(Various)-YaohBody Products£2.95
Wild Rose Conditioner – Faith In NatureBody Products£6.65
Hemp Seed Oil Cream Original (Org) YaohBody Products£7.99
Fragrance Free Soap – Faith In NatureBody Products£2.99
Soap Tea Tree Loose – Faith In NatureBody Products£2.29
Face Mask Reusable – Humble Co.Body Products£3.99
Hemp Sun Lotion Spf15 – YaohBody Products£11.99
After Sun – OrganiiBody Products£10.55
Coconut & Shea Shampoo Bar – FaithBody Products£6.99
Zinc Sun Stick Spf 30 – SuntribeBody Products£15.99
Rose Body Lotion – UrtekramBody Products£8.95
Panty Liners – OrganycBody Products£4.85
Hemp Sun Lotion Spf25 – YaohBody Products£13.39
Spf 50 Mineral Suncream – SuntribeBody Products£23.00
Ff6 Orange Flash Colour – HerbatintBody Products£11.65
Cbd+Cbg Massage Oil 100MlBody Products£14.99
After Sun Cream 150Ml- OrganiiBody Products£11.95
Super Seeded Oatcakes – Org – NairnsBread£2.15
Tortilla Wraps – AmaizinBread£2.85
Oatcakes Organic – NairnsBread£1.89
Gluten Free Oatcakes – NairnsBread£2.65
Wholemeal Pitta Organic – FlorentinBread£2.99
Corn Thins Original – Real FoodsBread£2.05
Rye & Pumpkin Seed Bread – BionaBread£2.89
Rye & Sunflower Seed Bread BionaBread£2.69
Seeded Oatcakes Gf – NairnsBread£2.65
Veggie Garden Crispbread Gf-Org- AmisaBread£1.89
Traditional Oatcakes -Org- ClearspringBread£3.29
Crostini Tomato & Basil – Pan DucaleBread£1.80
Crostini Olive – Pan DucaleBread£1.80
Sliced Seeded Bread Gf – Dillon OrganicBread£3.85
Keto Bread Original Flax – DillonBread£4.99
Sprouted Spelt Bread (Org) – SunnyvaleBread£3.35
Buckwheat Crispbread -Gf-Org- AmisaBread£2.89
Rosemary Sea Salt Veggie Thins – KalloBread£3.10
Mixed Seed Veggie Thins – KalloBread£3.10
Beetroot Veggie Thins – KalloBread£3.10
Original Crispbread – Finn CrispBread£1.60
Original Rye Crispbread – ClearspringBread£1.59
Crostini Rosemary – Pan DucaleBread£1.80
Classic 3 Seed – Dr. KargBread£3.20
Gluten Free Gift Loaf – HobbsBread£5.95
Cheese Oatcakes Gf – NairnsBread£2.65
Light Rye Sourdough LargeBread£4.75
Light Rye Sourdough SmallBread£3.50
Classic French Style – AmisaBread£3.39
Poppadums-Black Pepper – NatcoBread£1.59
Pumpernickel Bread – BionaBread£2.45
Hot Cross Buns Hobbs HouseBread£4.75
Wholemeal LargeBread£3.90
Wholemeal SmallBread£2.80
White Flat Tin Loaf LargeBread£3.25
Rye Chia & Flax Bread (Org) – BionaBread£2.95
Rice Cakes Lightly Salted Org- KalloBread£2.15
Corn Cakes (No Salt) – BionaBread£1.39
Protein Packed Lentil Cakes – KalloBread£2.45
Spinach Pesto Veggie Cakes- KalloBread£3.55
Beetroot Veggie Cakes- KalloBread£3.70
Wild White SmallBread£3.99
Marmite & Cheese Oatcakes NairnsBread£2.12
Emmental & Pumpkin Seed – Dr. KargBread£3.70
Wild White LargeBread£5.35
Rye Bread (Org) – BionaBread£2.69
Rye Omega3 Gold Linseed Bread-Org-BionaBread£2.69
Rice Cakes Multigrain (Org) ClearspringBread£1.79
Sprouted Rye Bread – Org – EverfreshBread£2.57
Spelt Large Hobbs HouseBread£4.75
Corn Cakes (Org) – ClearspringBread£1.79
Shoyu (250Ml) (Org) – EssentialCondiments£4.19
Sriracha Honey Hot Sauce – Easton ChilliCondiments£8.00
Sun Dried Tomatoes -Org- Mani BlauelCondiments£4.95
Italian Porcini Pasta Sauce- ClearspringCondiments£2.99
Balti Paste (Nas) Org – Geo OrganicsCondiments£3.90
Vitamin D + B12 Yeast Flakes – MarigoldCondiments£4.49
Engevita Yeast Flakes + B12 – MarigoldCondiments£4.19
Wholegrain Mustard (Org) – EssentialCondiments£2.55
Organic Engevita Yeast Flakes – MarigoldCondiments£6.49
Dijon Mustard Org – EssentialCondiments£2.75
Engevita Yeast Flakes Pink – MarigoldCondiments£3.65
Vegan Dill & Gherkin Mayo – BesaucyCondiments£3.95
White Rice Paper – King SobaCondiments£2.69
Rose Harissa Paste – Al’FezCondiments£3.20
Shoyu (500Ml) (Org) – EssentialCondiments£6.99
Tamari 150Ml Org – ClearspringCondiments£3.99
Sushi Rice-Organic- ClearspringCondiments£3.59
Shoyu (150Ml) (Org) Kagisa – ClearspringCondiments£2.99
Cider Vinegar W/ Mother – BionaCondiments£3.69
Ume Su – Org – ClearspringCondiments£2.99
Umeboshi Plum Paste -Org- ClearspringCondiments£7.39
Vegan Black Truffle Mayo – BesaucyCondiments£4.45
Barley Miso – ClearspringCondiments£6.99
Olive Paste Kalamata -Org- Mani BlauelCondiments£4.49
Passata (Org) – EssentialCondiments£2.29
Seitan Org YaksoCondiments£4.65
Tempeh Yakso Jar Org 175GCondiments£4.20
Apple Cider Vinegar With Mother – RaynerCondiments£3.95
Brown Rice Miso – ClearspringCondiments£5.79
Red Wine Vinegar Org – RaynersCondiments£3.95
Olives With Chilli & Herbs -Org- ManiCondiments£3.99
Scotchuan Chilli – Easton ChilliCondiments£5.65
Braised Tofu – MarigoldCondiments£3.75
Tofu Clearspring Org 300G CartonCondiments£2.29
Pesto Genovese 130G -Org- SunitaCondiments£3.85
Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena- Org- CampoCondiments£4.95
Artichoke Hearts In Oil (Organic)Condiments£4.95
Harissa Paste 180G – Al’FezCondiments£3.20
Tomato Puree Tubes Org – EssentialCondiments£1.59
Passata W/ Basil -Org- BionaCondiments£2.65
Instant Noodle Broth Conc- ClearspringCondiments£6.49
Tamari 1 Litre -Org- ClearspringCondiments£18.99
Balsamic Glaze -Org – BionaCondiments£4.09
Mayonnaise (Org) – BionovaCondiments£3.65
Himalayan Pink Salt Fine- ProfusionCondiments£3.99
Himalayan Pink Salt Course- ProfusionCondiments£3.99
Herbamare OriginalCondiments£3.35
Basil & Oregano Pasta Sauce – ZestCondiments£2.95
Bee Sweet Fire Cider – 250MlCondiments£11.00
Stock Cubes Low Salt -Org- KalloCondiments£1.99
Pesto (Vegan) 165G – ZestCondiments£3.20
Lemon Thyme & Pepper OlivesCondiments£3.29
Green Olives -Org- SunitaCondiments£3.49
Aubergine Pesto – BionaCondiments£3.29
Red Peppers In Oil – BionaCondiments£3.85
Cheese Sauce Mix (Gluten Free) – F&ECondiments£2.69
Shoyu Soya Sauce (Org) 1L- ClearspringCondiments£11.99
Stock Cubes (Yeast Free) – KalloCondiments£1.95
Original Fire Cider – 500MlCondiments£18.00
Veg Bouillon 500G (Green) – MarigoldCondiments£7.25
Sundried Tomato Spread -Org- Mani BlauelCondiments£4.49
Garlic & Herb Stock Cubes- KalloCondiments£1.95
Tamari (500Ml) Org – EssentialCondiments£9.99
Green Olives Pink Peppercorns – ManiCondiments£3.99
Green Nori Sprinkle ClearspringCondiments£1.99
Mushroom Stock Cubes Organic – KalloCondiments£1.95
Tomato & Fiery Chilli Pasta Sauce – ZestCondiments£2.95
Cori Basil & Hazel Pesto 165G – ZestCondiments£3.20
Sundried Tomato Paste 170G – ZestCondiments£3.25
Seaweed Salt 70G -Org-Cornish Seaweed CoCondiments£3.35
Chilli Cumin & Garlic Olives – Real OCondiments£3.29
Sea Salad 30G -Org-Cornish Seaweed CoCondiments£5.45
Stock Cubes (Vegetable) -Org- KalloCondiments£1.95
Boullion 500G (Red) – MarigoldCondiments£7.75
Tomato Ketchup W/ No Sugar -Org- BionaCondiments£3.39
Mushroom + Vegan Ricotta Pasta SauceCondiments£2.95
Apple Cider Vinega W/Mother -Raw VibrantCondiments£3.25
Harissa Chilli Paste- Org – BionaCondiments£3.19
Egg Free Mayo – BionaCondiments£3.49
Smoked Garlic Chilli Jam – Easton ChilliCondiments£5.65
Cheesy Immature Nooch – Notorious NoochCondiments£4.15
Sundried Tomato + Habanero Hot SauceCondiments£8.00
Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce – Easton ChilliCondiments£5.65
Tamari (500Ml) (Org) – ClearspringCondiments£10.50
Lime Pickle – Mild – PataksCondiments£3.30
Sun Dried Tomatoes -Org- BionaCondiments£4.99
Pesto (Vegan) 340G – Zest FoodsCondiments£5.45
Teriyaki Sauce -Org- ClearspringCondiments£4.49
Vegan Smoked Chipotle Mayo – BesaucyCondiments£3.95
Tomato & Mascarpone Sauce – ZestCondiments£2.99
Smoky Bacon Nooch – Notorious NoochCondiments£4.29
Vegan Garlic Mayo – BesaucyCondiments£3.95
Chicken Flavour B12 – Notorious NoochCondiments£3.55
Shoyu (500Ml) (Org) – ClearspringCondiments£6.49
Tomato Ketchup Squeezy – Org- BionaCondiments£4.29
Brown Rice Vinegar – Org – ClearspringCondiments£2.69
Tamari 250Ml – Org – EssentialCondiments£5.75
Wild Garlic Chilli Jam – Easton ChilliCondiments£5.65
Thai Red Curry Paste (Nas) – Geo OrganicCondiments£3.90
Balsamic Vinegar Org 350Ml – AspallCondiments£4.50
Red Pesto Org – EssentialCondiments£3.55
White Wine Vinegar Org – RaynersCondiments£3.95
Jalapeno & Lime Hot Sauce – Eaten AliveCondiments£4.45
Raw Kimchi Hot Sauce – Eaten AliveCondiments£4.45
Black Garlic – Easton ChilliCondiments£5.65
Seaveg Crispies Original – ClearspringCondiments£1.10
Mixed Seaweed Flakes -Cornish Seaweed CoCondiments£5.49
Italian Tomato Ketchup Org – NasCondiments£3.79
Cyder Vinegar Org – AspallCondiments£2.55
Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce – Mr OCondiments£3.15
Capers In E.V.Olive Oil -Org- ManiCondiments£5.25
Korma Paste (Org) – Geo OrganicsCondiments£2.65
Tikka Masala Paste (Org) – Geo OrganicsCondiments£3.90
Worcester Sauce (Org) 15Oml – Geo OrgsCondiments£3.90
Green Pesto Org – EssentialCondiments£3.75
Coconut Amino Sauce -Org- Coco FinaCondiments£5.99
Marigold Liquid Aminos – MarigoldCondiments£3.99
Mango Chutney (Org)- Geo OrganicsCondiments£4.35
Gf Wide Brown Rice Noodles – ClearspringCondiments£3.99
Stock Cubes (French Onion) Org – KalloCondiments£1.95
Kalamata Olives 250G -Org- Mani BlauelCondiments£3.99
Rice Mirin – ClearspringCondiments£4.45
Arrabiata Pasta Sauce- ClearspringCondiments£2.79
Basilico Pasta Sauce – ClearspringCondiments£2.99
Original Fire Cider – 250MlCondiments£10.00
Original – Easton ChilliCondiments£5.65
Olives & Capers Pasta Sauce – Mr OCondiments£3.15
Gf Brown Rice Noodles – ClearspringCondiments£3.99
Apple Cider Vinega W/Mother – OstlersCondiments£7.75
App Cider Vngr Turmeric Ginger -Raw VibeCondiments£3.64
Creamed Coconut Org – EssentialCondiments£2.39
Veg Bouillon Cubes Org/Veg/Gf – MarigoldCondiments£1.50
Seaveg Crispies Chilli – ClearspringCondiments£1.29
Mushroom & Garlic Pasta Sauce – ZestCondiments£2.95
Mushroom & Green Pepper Sauce – ZestCondiments£2.95
Tomato & Herb Stock Cubes – KalloCondiments£1.95
Udon Brown Rice Noodles – ClearspringCondiments£3.49
Hot Pepper Sauce (Org) – BionaCondiments£4.25
Boullion (Ls) (V) 150G (Purple) – MarigoCondiments£2.45
Veg Bouillon Org 500G– MarigoldCondiments£7.40
Salted Pinapple – Easton ChilliCondiments£5.65
Atlantic Wakame Org 25G- ClearspringCondiments£4.19
Bee Sweet Fire Cider – 500MlCondiments£20.00
Grinder Seaweed Salt -Cornish Seaweed CoCondiments£3.40
Veg Bouillon 150Gm (Green)-MarigoldCondiments£2.39
Dulse Flakes 40G -Org-Cornish Seaweed CoCondiments£5.75
Veg Bouillon Org 150G (Red) – MarigoldCondiments£2.55
Hatcho Soya Miso – Org-ClearspringCondiments£5.59
White Rice Miso Jar – ClearspringCondiments£4.29
Instant Gravy Granules Org – MarigoldCondiments£1.95
Nori Sheets – ClearspringCondiments£3.99
Smoked Sriracha Hot Sauce – Eaten AliveCondiments£4.45
Puttanesca Pasta Sauce – ClearspringCondiments£2.99
Green & Kalama Pitted Olives -Org- ManiCondiments£3.99
Atlantic Sea Salt Org – Geo OrganicsCondiments£1.65
Blueberry & Habanero Jam – Easton ChilliCondiments£5.65
Brown Rice Miso 150G – ClearspringCondiments£3.99
Wasabi Powder 25G – ClearspringCondiments£3.99
Sushi Nori Sheets Toasted – ClearspringCondiments£3.39
Red Thai Curry Pasty VeganDeli£3.50
Two Seed RissoleDeli£2.05
Miso SoupDeli£2.00
Millionaire Shortbread VeganDeli£2.85
Bollywood-Lemon+Ginger Turmeric (Org)Deli£2.75
Original Vegan – KetonutsDeli£3.30
Choc Ginger FriandDeli£3.00
Chocolate & Coconut FlapjackDeli£1.60
Chocolate Hazel BrownieDeli£3.15
Pecan Butter Dairy Free – KetonutsDeli£3.65
Carrot Cake V GfDeli£2.85
Matcha LatteDeli£3.50
Mushroom CacaoDeli£3.50
Blueberry Hill Little RoarDeli£2.75
Med Veg FlanDeli£3.35
Herbal TeaDeli£2.00
Vegan Cheese & Potato PastyDeli£4.20
Vegan Veg Curry PastyDeli£4.20
Spiced Chickpea And Spinach PieDeli£3.35
Lime & Chilli Brownie – Little RoarDeli£2.75
Sweet & Sour Potato BallDeli£1.65
Sour Cherry FriandDeli£3.00
Matcha LatteDeli£3.50
Italian Job – Little RoarDeli£2.75
Oat, Date & Walnut SliceDeli£2.75
Tomato, Cheddar + Basil QuicheDeli£2.50
Bounty Slice VeganDeli£3.20
Roast Sweet Potato & Blue Cheese PieDeli£3.35
Latte LgeDeli£3.20
Onion BhajiDeli£2.50
Samosa VegetableDeli£1.85
Summer Berries FlapjackDeli£1.60
Apple & Blackcurrant FlapjackDeli£1.60
Chocwork Orange – Little RoarDeli£2.75
Figgy Pop – Little RoarDeli£2.75
Shropshire Blue And Broccoli TartDeli£3.35
Sublime – Little RoarDeli£2.75
Lemon Curd FriandDeli£3.00
Chocberry Raw (Org) – Little RoarDeli£2.75
Sausage Roll VeganDeli£2.19
Fresh Prince – Little RoarDeli£2.75
Spicy Veg PastyDeli£3.75
Spinach & Ricotta PastyDeli£3.75
Cappuccino RegDeli£3.00
Peanut Butter Millionaire BrownieDeli£3.20
Golden Almond Truffles – RadekDeli£1.05
Blueberry FriandDeli£3.00
White Chok & Raspberry Vegan – KetonutsDeli£3.65
Vegan Chunky Veg PastyDeli£4.20
Turmeric Lion LatteDeli£3.50
Fetish QuicheDeli£2.50
Aloo Gobi BallDeli£1.65
Veggie Scotch EggDeli£2.25
Cappuccino LgeDeli£3.20
Chai LatteDeli£3.50
Arancini Ball VeganDeli£2.29
Cheddar & Spring Onion TartDeli£3.35
Dirty ChaiDeli£3.50
Dark Matter BrownieDeli£2.75
Flat WhiteDeli£3.00
Latte RegDeli£3.00
Hot ChocolateDeli£3.50
Hot Chocolate With CreamDeli£3.75
Karamel – KetonutsDeli£3.65
Chok Hazelnut Vegan – KetonutsDeli£3.75
Breathe Deep Tea Bags – YogiDrinks£2.75
Inner Harmony Tea Bags -Org- YogiDrinks£2.75
Elderberry & Echinacea Tea – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Sleep Well Tea – HampsteadDrinks£3.45
Alkaline Herbs Tea Bags -Org- YogiDrinks£2.75
Finest Selection – YogiDrinks£2.95
Turmeric & Cinnamon – HampsteadDrinks£3.45
Turmeric Chai (Org) – YogiDrinks£2.75
Peppermint Tea – ClipperDrinks£2.59
Chamomile Tea – ClipperDrinks£2.65
Vanilla Org Rooibos – Dragonfly TeaDrinks£3.05
Rooibos Earl Grey – Dragonfly TeaDrinks£2.95
Tulsi Relax Tea Bags -Yogi TeaDrinks£2.75
Green Energy Tea Bags -Yogi TeaDrinks£2.75
Lavender & Valerian Tea – HampsteadDrinks£3.45
Breakfast Rooibos – Org – DragonflyDrinks£2.95
Wild Rosehip & Hibiscus Tea – HampsteadDrinks£3.45
Peppermint & Spearminttea – EssentialDrinks£2.45
Mens Tea Bags – YogiDrinks£2.75
Relax Org Tea – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Assam Tea – HampsteadDrinks£3.45
Lemon & Ginger Teabags (Org) – ClipperDrinks£2.59
Star Salutation – YogiDrinks£2.75
Lemon & Ginger Tea – HampsteadDrinks£3.45
Soul Balm – YogiDrinks£2.75
Fennel Tea ClipperDrinks£2.69
Lemon Ginger & Manuka Tea – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Nettle Tea Bags – ClipperDrinks£2.59
Mental Clarity – YogiDrinks£2.75
Ashwagandha Balance – YogiDrinks£2.75
Happy Nature Tea Bags – YogiDrinks£2.75
Fennel & Peppermint Tea – HampsteadDrinks£3.45
Txt In A Bottle KombuchaDrinks£2.25
Vanilla Chai Tea – Org- PukkaDrinks£4.95
Wake Up – Whole EarthDrinks£4.29
Kilimanjaro Ground – Cafe DirectDrinks£4.99
Apple Juice Concentrate – SumaDrinks£5.69
Blueberry Lemonade Kombucha – Lo BrosDrinks£2.65
Rooibos Earl Grey Tea – Tick TockDrinks£2.85
Against The Current Rhubarab HibiscusDrinks£2.40
Green Rooibos Org – Tick TockDrinks£2.85
English Everyday Tea 80S Org – ClipperDrinks£4.35
Al Of The Storm Mango Ginger KombuchaDrinks£2.25
Coconut Water – 100% -1L- Coco FinaDrinks£3.95
Beetroot Juice 500Ml – Org- BionaDrinks£2.69
Apple Juice Cawston 1LDrinks£3.66
Apple & Elderflower Cawston 1LDrinks£3.65
Tart Cherry Juice 1L – BionaDrinks£7.69
China Green Tea Bags (Org) – QiDrinks£2.25
Relax Tea Bags Org – YogiDrinks£2.75
Womens Tea Bags – YogiDrinks£2.75
Liqu0Rice Tea (Org) – EssentialDrinks£2.45
Ginger & Lemon Tea (Org) – EssentialDrinks£2.45
Original Chai Tea – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Mayan Gold Roast & Ground – CafedirectDrinks£5.00
Turmeric Orange – YogiDrinks£2.75
Himalayan Tea – YogiDrinks£2.75
Black Chai – YogiDrinks£2.75
Matcha Green Orgtea Powder – ClearspringDrinks£10.99
Instant Decaf Machu Picchu – Cafe DirectDrinks£5.69
Sencha Green Tea Organic – ClearspringDrinks£3.45
Barley Cup (200G) – AgrosDrinks£6.85
Bambu – BioforceDrinks£5.69
Drinking Chocolate – DivineDrinks£4.50
Orzo Roasted Barley Ground CoffeeDrinks£1.99
Sleep Easy Tea – ClipperDrinks£2.59
Cbd Drinking Chocolate – RadekDrinks£9.50
Snore And Peace Infusion – ClipperDrinks£2.95
Groovy Ginger Hemp Tea – ClipperDrinks£3.65
Swiss Water Decaf Coffee- Grumpy MuleDrinks£6.59
Club-Mate 330MlDrinks£1.89
Barleycup 100G – OrganicDrinks£5.55
Prune Juice Org – RabenhorstDrinks£5.65
Sumatra Ground Org Coffee- Grumpy MuleDrinks£5.85
Colombian Coffee Ground Org- Grumpy MuleDrinks£5.85
Three Mint Tea Org – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Three Ginger Tea Org – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Night Time Tea Org – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Moroccan Mint Tea Organic – DragonflyDrinks£2.65
Licorice And Cinnamon Tea – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Elderflower Org – Whole EarthDrinks£1.40
Sparkling Rhubarb 330Ml – Cawston PressDrinks£1.35
Carrot Juice – James WhiteDrinks£3.65
Beetroot Juice – Beet-ItDrinks£3.55
Sparkling Cloudy Apple – Cawston PressDrinks£1.40
Orange & Lemon Drink – Whole EarthDrinks£1.49
Valerian Plus – Dr StuartDrinks£3.15
Cranberry (Org) – Whole EarthDrinks£1.40
Breathe In – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Ginger – Whole EarthDrinks£1.40
Cola Org – Whole EarthDrinks£1.40
Lemonade Org – Whole EarthDrinks£1.45
Sparkling Orange – Cawston PressDrinks£1.35
Look Up Lemongrass Ginger KombuchaDrinks£2.25
Fruit Machine Raspberry + ElderflowerDrinks£2.40
Apple – Whole EarthDrinks£1.45
Instant Coffee (Org) – ClipperDrinks£5.99
Redbush Tea 80S Org -ClipperDrinks£4.75
Licorice Tea Bags -Org- YogiDrinks£2.75
Classic – YogiDrinks£2.75
Squeezed Orange Juice – Cawston PressDrinks£4.45
Ginger Beer Can – Cawston PressDrinks£1.40
Rose Tea – YogiDrinks£2.75
Night Time Berry Tea Org – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Stomach Ease Tea Bags – YogiDrinks£2.75
Tick Tock Rooibos Org Tea 40 BagsDrinks£2.70
Cape Malay Rooibos Chai – DragonflyDrinks£2.65
Apple & Ginger Juice 1L – Cawston PressDrinks£3.65
Peru Cafe Femenino – Grumpy MuleDrinks£5.80
Camomile Herbal Tea (Org) – EssentialDrinks£2.45
Hibiscus Tea (Org) – EssentialDrinks£2.45
Elderflower Lemonade – Cawston PressDrinks£1.45
Love Tea Org – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Radiance – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Women Farmers Roast Ground-Org -Equal ExDrinks£5.99
Italian Roast Coffee – Equal ExchangeDrinks£6.30
Decaffinated Coffee Beans – Equal ExDrinks£6.80
Maca Chai Tea Bags – YogiDrinks£2.75
Sweet Chilli Tea (Org) -Yogi TeaDrinks£2.75
Zapatista Coffee Ground (Org)Drinks£7.59
Peppermint Infusion Tea Org – EssentialDrinks£2.45
Women’S Energy – YogiDrinks£2.75
Echinacea Tea (Org) – YogiDrinks£2.75
Throat Comfort Org Tea Bags – YogiDrinks£2.75
Ginger And Lemon Tea Bags – YogiDrinks£2.75
Detox Tea Bags – YogiDrinks£2.75
Bedtime Tea Bags -Org- YogiDrinks£2.75
Zapatista Coffee Beans (Org)Drinks£12.39
Cacao Bliss – Cheerful BuddhaDrinks£13.99
Hibiscus Kombucha – Bath Culture HouseDrinks£3.20
100% Cranberry Juice Org – BionaDrinks£5.99
Pomegranate Juice (Org) 1Lt- BionaDrinks£7.49
Orange Squash 74Cl (Org) – RocksDrinks£3.69
Blackcurrant Squash 740Ml – Org- RocksDrinks£3.69
Summer Fruits Squash – RocksDrinks£3.69
Mango & Passionfruit Cordial – BelvoirDrinks£4.65
Sicilian Lemon & Lime Cordial – BelvoirDrinks£4.65
Cherrytree Cola – FentimansDrinks£2.20
Elderberry & Echinacea Cordial – BelvoirDrinks£5.40
Ginger Beer 75Cl – Belvoir FarmsDrinks£4.10
Colombian Coffee Beans – Grumpy MuleDrinks£5.85
Gusto Original EnergyDrinks£2.35
Apple & Rhubarb Juice- CawstonsDrinks£3.69
House Blend Org Ground Coffee – ClipperDrinks£5.59
Lions Mane Coffee – Cheerful BuddhaDrinks£11.18
Chaga Mushroom Coffee – Cheerful BuddhaDrinks£11.18
Ginger With Chipotle – GustoDrinks£2.19
Traditional Indian Chai – DragonflyDrinks£2.65
Chaga Latte – Cheerful BuddhaDrinks£11.18
Lions Mane Latte – Cheerful BuddhaDrinks£13.99
Moonlight Jasmine Tea- DragonflyDrinks£2.65
Matcha Latte – Cheerful BuddhaDrinks£15.99
Peppermint & Licorice Tea Org – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Immune Support Tea -Org- Yogi TeaDrinks£2.75
Sumatra Coffee Beans Org – Grumpy MuleDrinks£5.85
Rose Lemonade – FentimansDrinks£2.15
Decaf Earl Grey Tea Org – ClipperDrinks£3.95
Turm Lemon Ginger Kombucha-Org-ProfusionDrinks£3.15
Teaballs (Stainless Steel) – AgathasDrinks£2.95
Coffee Filters – If You CareDrinks£3.50
Spiced Apple & Blackberry Water KefirDrinks£2.80
Lavender Water KefirDrinks£2.80
Ginger & Lemon Water Kefir – AbsorbDrinks£2.80
Blackcurrent Water KefirDrinks£2.80
Sparkling Spring Water 750Ml – CheddarDrinks£0.89
Cocoa Chicory Drink – PrewettsDrinks£4.49
Pink Ginger Cordial – ThorncraftDrinks£3.75
100% Elderberry Juice 330Ml – BionaDrinks£5.29
Purdeys – SilverDrinks£1.75
Jasmine Flower Kombucha -BchDrinks£3.20
Decaffinated Teabags – ClipperDrinks£4.09
Tart Cherry Kombucha -BchDrinks£3.20
Green Tea Org 40 Bags – ClipperDrinks£3.55
English Breakfast 40S -Org- ClipperDrinks£3.25
Earl Grey Tea Org 40 Bags – ClipperDrinks£3.20
Still Spring Water 750Ml – Cheddar WaterDrinks£0.85
Sparkling Water 330Ml-Cheddar WaterDrinks£0.65
Still Spring Glass 330Ml-Cheddar WaterDrinks£0.65
Nettle Cordial ThorncroftDrinks£3.65
Classic Chai Latte – YogiDrinks£3.19
Lions Mane Cacao Drink – RadekDrinks£11.95
Dandelion Coffee – CotswoldDrinks£3.65
Chamomile Vanilla & Manuka – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Turmeric & Ginger Kombucha -BchDrinks£3.20
Ginger Juice Org – BionaDrinks£5.45
Mend & Defend – Coldpress JuicesDrinks£2.05
Kids Summer Berries Juice – CawstonDrinks£1.05
Kids Apple & Pear Juice- CawstonsDrinks£1.05
Kids Apple & Mango Juice – Cawston PressDrinks£1.05
Sugar Free Cola – KarmaDrinks£1.35
Cranberry Fruit Drink Org – BionaDrinks£6.19
Gingerella Ginger Ale – KarmaDrinks£1.35
Lemony Lemonade Organic – KarmaDrinks£1.50
Karma Cola Organic 250Ml CanDrinks£1.50
Passion Fruit – LemonaidDrinks£1.99
Mate – ChariteaDrinks£1.65
Lime LemonaidDrinks£1.99
Ginger Beer – FentimansDrinks£2.09
Rise & Shine – Coldpress JuicesDrinks£2.05
Blood Orange Org – LemonaidDrinks£1.99
Blueberry & Blackcurrant Squash- BelvoirDrinks£5.40
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade – BelvoirDrinks£3.80
Turmeric Shot – Coldpress JuicesDrinks£2.25
Tomato Juice Org – BionaDrinks£3.89
Raspberry & Lemon Kombucha – Lo BrosDrinks£2.69
Passionfruit Kombucha Org – Lo BrosDrinks£2.69
Ginger Shot – Coldpress JuicesDrinks£2.25
Cola Kombucha Org – Lo BrosDrinks£2.69
Brilliant Beetroot – Cawston PressDrinks£3.99
Liquorice Tea Bags – ClipperDrinks£2.65
Turmeric Active Tea – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Karma Cola Organic 300Ml GlassDrinks£2.20
Sleepytime Extra – CelestialDrinks£3.99
Instant Caramel Chicory Drink – PrewettsDrinks£3.99
Instant Chicory Drink – PrewettsDrinks£5.50
Survive & Thrive – Coldpress JuicesDrinks£2.05
Elderflower Org Cordial – BelvoirDrinks£5.95
Peace Tea Org – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Three Chamomile Tea – PukkaDrinks£4.25
Honduras Ground Coffee- Grumpy MuleDrinks£5.85
Darjeeling Tea – HampsteadDrinks£3.45
Bengal Spice Teabags – CelestialDrinks£3.99
Sleepytime Tea – CelestialDrinks£3.69
Herbal Collection -Org- PukkaDrinks£5.49
Feel New Tea Org – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Tulsi Clarity Tea Org – PukkaDrinks£4.95
Seriously Velvety Hot Choc – DivineDrinks£4.70
Dandelion And Burdock FentimansDrinks£2.09
Curiosity Cola – FentimansDrinks£2.09
Ginger Cordial 500Ml (Org)- Belvoir FarmDrinks£5.95
Tension Tamer Tea – CelestialDrinks£3.69
Elderflower Sparkling Org 750Ml- BelvoirDrinks£4.10
Nocaf – Whole EarthDrinks£3.30
Restore Blend – Cafe DirectDrinks£4.85
Thrive Ground Coffee – Cafe DirectDrinks£4.85
Empower Blend – Cafe DirectDrinks£4.85
Super Cosy Instant Hot Choc – ClipperDrinks£4.35
True Clarity Ginger Tea – DragonflyDrinks£3.09
Night Sky Calm Tea – DragonflyDrinks£3.09
Cocoa Powder Org – Equal ExchangeDrinks£5.35
Pizza Tofu Filets- TaifunFridge£4.15
Wild Garlic Tofu Fillets – TaifunFridge£4.19
Smoked Tofu Org – TaifunFridge£3.99
Tofu Almond/Sesame Smoked (Org) – TaifunFridge£4.59
Tofu – Black Forest – TaifunFridge£4.65
Tofu Grill Sausages (Org) – TaifunFridge£5.19
Tofu-Weiner Sausages – TaifunFridge£6.09
Wild Garlic Pesto 230GFridge£6.25
Mediterranean Style Block – ViolifeFridge£3.05
Sauerkraut Fresh – Raw HealthFridge£4.55
Whippable Oat Cream – OatlyFridge£1.45
Creamy Oat Cheese Style Spread – OatlyFridge£2.20
Natural Yoghurt – Yeo ValleyFridge£2.25
Japanese Tofu Fillets- TaifunFridge£3.89
Dorset Blue Vinny – Priced Per KgFridge£23.89
Paneer Tofu Firm Pressed – Herby4Fridge£5.25
Original Tempeh – ImpulseFridge£3.69
Sea Veg Tempeh – ImpulseFridge£3.85
Cheddar & Acai Vegan CheeseFridge£6.99
Vegan Chilli Cheese – Kinda CoFridge£6.45
Plain Tofu (Org) 280G – Clear SpotFridge£2.25
Smoky Tofu – Clear SpotFridge£3.05
Ginger Zinger Sauerkraut – Bizzy Bee’SFridge£5.60
Classic Houmous – 283G – Delphi FoodsFridge£1.95
Apple Smoked Tofu With Seaweed – Herby4Fridge£4.20
Extra Firm Tofu 396G – CauldronFridge£3.30
Dolmades Stuffed Vine Leaves – DelphiFridge£2.79
Guacamole Dip- Delphi FoodsFridge£2.49
Aubergine Dip- Delphi FoodsFridge£2.49
Houmous – Low Fat- Delphi FoodsFridge£1.35
Vegan Black PuddingFridge£1.75
Parmesan – Vege RennetFridge£6.25
Black Truffle Vegan CheeseFridge£7.29
Greek Feta Style Block – ViolifeFridge£3.69
Calon Wen Butter – Salted – OrgFridge£4.10
Prosciano – ViolifeFridge£4.15
Mozzarella Style Grated – ViolifeFridge£3.35
Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese- Calon WenFridge£2.95
Kefir Drink Natural 500Ml – Yeo ValleyFridge£2.25
Vegan Spread Block 200G – NaturliFridge£2.25
Kefir Yogurt – Yeo ValleyFridge£1.85
Creamy Original Spread – ViolifeFridge£2.95
Le Rond Vegan Camembert – ViolifeFridge£3.85
Mushroom Pate – VbitesFridge£2.15
Alfalfa & Radish -Org- Sky Sprouts- SebaFridge£2.39
Tofu Rosso- TaifunFridge£4.69
Cheddar Cheese Slices – ViolifeFridge£3.25
Applewood Smokey Vegan CheeseFridge£2.79
Vegan Blue Cheese – Kinda CoFridge£6.45
Vegan Garlic & Herb Cheese – Kinda CoFridge£6.45
Creme Fraiche – Yeo ValleyFridge£1.40
Feta Org – CypressaFridge£3.89
Chilli Kraut – MutiFridge£5.50
Creamy Cheddar Cheese- Calon WenFridge£2.95
Soya Kefir – SojadeFridge£2.05
Smoked Vegan Cheese – Kinda CoFridge£6.45
Greek Style Natural Yoghurt -Yeo ValleyFridge£2.59
Bluffalo Notzarella – I Am Nut OkFridge£4.99
Fetamorphosis Vegan Feta – I Am Nut OkFridge£5.99
Streaky Style Rashers – VbitesFridge£2.95
Lincolmmmshire Sausages – VbitesFridge£3.20
Vegan Spreadable – NaturliFridge£2.35
Creamy Oats Fraiche – OatlyFridge£1.90
Natural Tofu (Org) – OasisFridge£1.99
Goats Cheese – CapricornFridge£2.89
Double Cream 125Ml Org – Bruton DairyFridge£1.99
Puff Creamy Mushroom Pie – ClivesFridge£3.95
Double Cream 250Ml (Glass) – Crook&ChurnFridge£2.90
Roasted Red Pepper Quiche – ClivesFridge£3.10
Creamy Cauliflower Pie – ClivesFridge£3.85
Cottage Cheese+Chive 250G – Longley FarmFridge£1.90
Rocket & Coriander Pesto 160G- AlanasFridge£4.75
Moroccan Spiced Hummus – Alana’SFridge£2.80
Double Cream 250Ml Org – Bruton DairyFridge£2.99
Condensed Coconut Milk – BionaFridge£2.50
Dairy Free Plain Yoghurt – KokoFridge£2.29
Cottage Cheese 250G – Longley FarmFridge£1.90
Float Milk 750MlFridge£2.95
West Country Brie – CrookFridge£22.30
Tofu Basil- TaifunFridge£4.69
Mung Bean Sprouts -Org- Sky Sprouts-SebaFridge£2.39
Seaweed Sauerkraut – BchFridge£5.75
Classic Kimchi – BchFridge£5.75
Kalamata Olive Hummus – Alana’SFridge£3.15
Butter Rolls Farmhouse – LongmanFridge£3.15
Rosary Goats CheeseFridge£3.15
Smoked Tofu (Org) – OasisFridge£2.35
Dorset Goat Cheddar – Priced Per KgFridge£22.30
Bbq Tempeh Slices (Org) – OasisFridge£2.40
Sweet/Sour Tempeh Slices – OasisFridge£2.45
Fridge Cakes Mixed – PloughsharesFridge£1.09
Original Tempeh Slices -OasisFridge£2.30
Oh Grate! Vegan Parm – I Am Nut OkFridge£4.99
Plain Hummus – Alana’SFridge£2.70
Alfalfa Sprouts -Org- Sky Sprouts – SebaFridge£2.39
Greek Soya Yoghurt Natural – SojadeFridge£2.55
Olive Oil Spread – BionaFridge£3.99
Puff Saag Aloo Pie – ClivesFridge£3.95
Organic Houmous 340G – San AmvrosiaFridge£6.29
Broccoli Sprouts -Sky Sprouts -Org- SebaFridge£2.39
Sheep Milk Yoghurt – Woodlands DairyFridge£4.50
Soya Yoghurt Natural 400G -Org- SojadeFridge£1.85
Somerset Goat Halloumi – Crook & ChurnFridge£5.80
Wild Garlic Pesto 160GFridge£4.70
Lemon, Lime & Coriander Hummus – Alana’SFridge£2.80
Mixed Bean Sprouts-Org-Sky Sprouts -SebaFridge£2.39
Bottle Deposit – TigermylkFridge£1.00
Tiger Nut Mylk 750Ml – TigermylkFridge£2.95
Sundried Tomato Pesto 160GFridge£4.75
Tofu Plain (Org) 450G – Clear SpotFridge£3.50
Slawjous Sauerkraut – Bizzy Bee’SFridge£5.60
Whole Milk (500Ml)Org – BrutonFridge£1.05
Alfalfa & Broccoli -Org-Sky Sprouts-SebaFridge£2.39
Unsalted Butter Org – Yeo ValleyFridge£2.65
Goat Milk Yoghurt – Woodlands DairyFridge£3.55
Halloumi – Crook & ChurnFridge£4.10
Goats Milk 1L – Bruton DairyFridge£2.60
Whole Milk (1 Ltr) (Org) – BrutonFridge£1.85
Semi-Skimmed Milk (500Ml) Org – BrutonFridge£1.05
Pink Perfection Sauerkraut – Bizzy Bee’SFridge£5.60
Salted Butter Org – Yeo ValleyFridge£2.60
Kracking Kimchi – Bizzy Bee’SFridge£5.50
Dorset Red Smoked Cheese – Priced Per KgFridge£18.52
Semi-Skimmed Milk (1 Ltr) Org – BrutonFridge£1.85
Wild Garlic & Basil Green OlivesFridge£3.25
Classic Kimchi 700G – BchFridge£11.35
Frozen Peas Org – Natural CoolFreezer£3.99
Mango + Raspberry – Booja BoojaFreezer£5.49
Gf Chickpea Tagine Pie – ClivesFreezer£3.95
Vanilla Ice Cream – Booja BoojaFreezer£5.49
Deeply Chocolate Mini Ice Cream – BoojaFreezer£1.95
Mango Raspberry Mini Ice Cream – BoojaFreezer£1.95
Vanilla Mini Ice Cream – BoojaFreezer£1.95
Blackberries (Org) – Natural CoolFreezer£4.99
Edamame Frozen OrganicFreezer£4.99
Caramel Pecan Mini Ice Cream – BoojaFreezer£1.95
Frozen Spinach – Natural CoolFreezer£3.61
Frozen Sweetcorn Org Demeter- Natural CoFreezer£3.99
Sour Cherries (Org) – Natural CoolFreezer£4.99
Frozen Strawberries (Org) – Natural CoolFreezer£4.99
Frozen Raspberries Org – NaturalcoolFreezer£6.99
Frozen Blueberries Org – NaturalcoolFreezer£4.99
Creamy Mushroom Pie Org – ClivesFreezer£3.80
Frozen Berry Mix (Org) – Natural CoolFreezer£4.99
Cookie Dough Ice Cream -Booja BoojaFreezer£5.49
Gf Mushroom & Leek Pie – ClivesFreezer£4.10
Falafel W/ Lemon + Herbs – GoodlifeFreezer£3.95
Choc Fudge Brownie -Booja BoojaFreezer£5.49
Saag Aloo Curry Pie – ClivesFreezer£3.80
Acai Frozen Unsweetened 4 PackFreezer£4.99
Mushroom & Spinach Kiev – GoodlifeFreezer£5.35
Hawaiian Pizza – One PlanetFreezer£5.49
Tex Mex Pizza – One PlanetFreezer£5.45
Spicy Bean Burger – GoodlifeFreezer£5.55
Gf Shortcrust Pastry – G FreeFreezer£4.99
Peppernomi Pizza – One PlanetFreezer£5.45
Acai Scoopable Sorbet – OrganicFreezer£4.99
Plant Based Sausage – Moving MountainsFreezer£4.50
Organic Apple Lolly – PipFreezer£0.80
Three Cheeze Margherita – One PlanetFreezer£5.45
Paletas – MixedFreezer£3.45
Tempeh (Org) – ImpulseFreezer£3.60
Plant Based Burger – Moving MountainsFreezer£4.45
Plant Based Hotdog – Moving MountainFreezer£4.55
Caramel Pecan Praline Vanilla – BoojaFreezer£5.49
Plant Based Mince – Moving MountainsFreezer£4.50
Gf Nut Roast – ClivesFreezer£6.45
Fil Pastry 500G – Jus RolFreezer£4.95
Rosemary Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£4.50
Jojoba Oil 100Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£10.95
Peppermint Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£3.95
Lemongrass Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£4.25
Eucalyptus Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£3.50
Citronella Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£3.50
Sweet Orange Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£3.75
Tea Tree Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£3.95
Ylang Ylang Oil 50Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£15.95
Tea Tree Oil 50Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£11.95
Lavender Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£4.25
Ylang Ylang Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£6.45
Clove Bud Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£3.95
Rose Absolute 2Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£15.95
Neem Oil 100Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£4.95
Beeswax Pellets 60G – Amour NaturalHealth Care£4.95
Coconut Oil Fractionated – Amour NaturalHealth Care£5.95
Rose Absolute 5% In Coconut 10Ml – AmourHealth Care£6.50
Sweet Orange Oil 50Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£7.95
Selenium 200Ug – ViridianHealth Care£7.75
Oregano Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£9.25
Face Oils Kit 4 Pack – Amour NaturalHealth Care£9.95
Frankincense Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£10.95
L-Lysine 30S – ViridianHealth Care£7.85
B Comp + Magnesium (High 5) 90’S – ViriHealth Care£20.05
Digestive Aid – ViridianHealth Care£9.20
Calcium Mag + Zinc Powder-ViridianHealth Care£12.15
Balanced Iron Complex – 90’S- ViridianHealth Care£17.45
Trace Mineral Complex 90 Caps – ViridianHealth Care£23.15
Balanced Zinc Complex – 90’S- ViridianHealth Care£19.99
High 5 Multivit & Mins 30’S- ViridianHealth Care£9.99
High 5 Multivits & Mins 60’S- ViridianHealth Care£17.55
High 5 Multivit & Mins 90’S- ViridianHealth Care£25.95
Woman 40+ Multi 60’S- ViridianHealth Care£29.65
Balanced Iron Complex 30’S – ViridianHealth Care£7.60
Cranberry Berry (30’S) – ViridianHealth Care£7.35
Argan Oil 100Ml Org – Amour NaturalHealth Care£19.50
Pregnancy Complex 60’S- ViridianHealth Care£17.55
Eucalyptus Oil 50Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£10.95
Milk Thistle Tincture- 100%Org- ViridianHealth Care£10.65
Muslin Cleansing Cloth -Org – AmourHealth Care£4.99
Balanced Zinc Complex (30’S) – ViridianHealth Care£9.00
Milk Thistle Org (30’S) – ViridianHealth Care£10.35
Garlic 500Mg Organic (30’S) – ViridianHealth Care£11.30
Folic Acid W/Dha 90’S- ViridianHealth Care£12.00
Amino Acid Complex 90S – ViridianHealth Care£35.55
Vegan Vit D3 2000Iu 60 S- ViridianHealth Care£15.95
Grapefruit Essential Oil – Abs AromasHealth Care£5.50
Joint Complex 30S -ViridianHealth Care£11.60
Everyday Probiotics 30S – OptibacHealth Care£12.99
Cbd Oil 3% – Bristol CbdHealth Care£15.99
Cbd Oil 5% – Bristol CbdHealth Care£26.99
Cbd Gold Oil 5% – Bristol CbdHealth Care£26.99
Tear Drop Oil Burner -Amour NaturalHealth Care£9.95
Cedarwood Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£4.25
Festive Aroma Candle 55G – AmourHealth Care£7.95
Chaga Extract – Bristol FungariumHealth Care£35.00
Cinnamon Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£3.95
Clary Sage Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£6.80
Relaxing & Soothing Oils Set- AmourHealth Care£14.45
Propolis Lozenges Lemon & Honey- ComvitaHealth Care£6.99
Bee Pollen 100G – Tree HarvestHealth Care£6.30
Everyday Extra 30S – OptibacHealth Care£25.99
Antibiotic 10 Day Probiotics – OptibacHealth Care£7.99
One Week Flat- OptibacHealth Care£8.99
For Daily Immunity – OptibacHealth Care£12.99
For Babies & Children – OptibacHealth Care£17.99
Bifidobacteria & Fibre Probiotics – OptiHealth Care£8.99
Everyday Probiotics 90’S – OptibacHealth Care£36.99
For Women Probiotics 30S – OptibacHealth Care£19.99
B Complex + Magnesium 30’S- ViridianHealth Care£8.30
Valerian Drops 50Ml – A VogelHealth Care£11.99
Cordyceps Extract – Bristol FungariumHealth Care£40.00
Aloe Vera Complex 30S- Aloe PuraHealth Care£6.99
Probiotic Baby Drops 30S – OptibacHealth Care£15.99
Jasmine Oil 5% 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£6.95
Calendula Infused Oil 50Ml – Amour NatHealth Care£5.95
Organic Sweet Almond Oil 100Ml – AmourHealth Care£8.95
Organic Lavender Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£6.75
Organic Tea Tree Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£4.95
Organic Castor Oil 100Ml – Amour NaturalHealth Care£5.95
Health & Travel Oils Kit 4 Pack – AmourHealth Care£10.95
Lavender Oil 50Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£13.95
Peppermint Oil 50Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£9.95
Cbd Oil 10% – Bristol CbdHealth Care£49.99
Vetivert 10Ml Essential Oil – AmourHealth Care£11.95
Breath Ease Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£5.95
Vitamin B12 90’S- ViridianHealth Care£19.55
Soya Lecithin 250G – BiethicaHealth Care£8.39
Bergamot Oil 10Ml – Amour NaturalHealth Care£5.95
Breathe Ease Roller 10Ml – AmourHealth Care£5.95
Ginger Root 500Mg 60 Caps- Bio HealthHealth Care£9.95
Multi Strain Probiotic-30 Caps- Bio KultHealth Care£11.50
Multi Strain Probio -60 Caps- Bio KultHealth Care£21.99
Black Pepper Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£6.45
Bee Pollen 50G – Tree HarvestHealth Care£3.90
Sweet Almond Oil 100Ml – Amour NaturalHealth Care£3.50
Ginger Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£5.95
Vitamin B12 Spray 30Ml – Natures AidHealth Care£8.99
Vitamin B12 90’S -Natures AidHealth Care£9.95
Glucosamine Hci 1000Mg – Natures AidHealth Care£16.65
Vit D3 (1000Iu) – Natures AidHealth Care£6.15
Evening Primrose Oil 1000Mg 90’SHealth Care£8.99
Lavender Reed Diffuser KitHealth Care£12.99
Relaxing Reed DiffuserHealth Care£12.99
Mandarin, Lime & Basil Reed Diffuser KitHealth Care£12.99
Tea Tree & Geranium Reed Diffuser KitHealth Care£12.99
Turmeric Essential Oil – AmphoraHealth Care£4.80
Venaforce Horse Chestnut Tabs – A.VogelHealth Care£13.99
100% Mct Oil – Natures AidHealth Care£19.50
Hair Skin Nails Formula -Natures AidHealth Care£7.95
Vitamin D3 Spray 30Ml – Natures AidHealth Care£8.99
Multivitamin Spray 30Ml – Natures AidHealth Care£8.99
Yuzu & Sandalwood Cleansing BalmHealth Care£12.50
Comfrey Cream – A VogelHealth Care£8.45
Arnica Cream – A.VogelHealth Care£8.49
Charcoal Caps – BraggsHealth Care£8.55
Rescue Remedy Drops 20MlHealth Care£12.99
Echinaforce Drops 50Ml A.Vogel BioforceHealth Care£11.99
Echinaforce Drops 100Ml A.Vogel BioforceHealth Care£20.99
Echinacea Tabs 120 – A VogelHealth Care£11.99
Vitamin D3 Spray 2500Iu – Natures AidHealth Care£11.95
Boswellia Resin 30S – ViridianHealth Care£13.45
Strawberry Kids Gummies – OptibacHealth Care£12.99
Vegan Multi 30’S – ViridianHealth Care£15.99
Vit C With Zinc 30’S – ViridianHealth Care£11.75
Electrolyte Fix – ViridianHealth Care£13.45
High Potency Magnesium 30S- ViridianHealth Care£10.40
Chromium & Cinnamon Complex – ViridianHealth Care£8.25
Magnesium Citrate W B6 30S – ViridianHealth Care£7.10
Saffron Extract 30S – ViridianHealth Care£20.15
Co-Q10 & Mct 30S – ViridianHealth Care£14.30
Peppermint Oil Plus 30’S – ViridianHealth Care£11.45
Digesteeze Milk Thistle 60S -Natures AidHealth Care£10.95
Black Seed Extract 30’S – ViridianHealth Care£14.99
U Calm St Johns Wort 60S – Natures AidHealth Care£10.45
Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract – ViridianHealth Care£16.50
Hawthorn Berry 60S – ViridianHealth Care£14.60
Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract – ViridianHealth Care£9.55
Ashwaganda Extract 60’S – ViridianHealth Care£22.75
Herbal Female Complex Org – ViridianHealth Care£10.00
Org Ginger Root 30S – ViridianHealth Care£7.69
Turmeric 400Mg Organic – ViridianHealth Care£8.95
Menopause Support A.Vogel BioforceHealth Care£16.99
Cbd Gummies – Bristol CbdHealth Care£24.99
Menoforce Tablets A.Vogel BioforceHealth Care£15.99
Clove & Oregano Complex – ViridianHealth Care£22.40
Aloe Vera Juice 500Ml- Aloe PuraHealth Care£8.99
Avena Calm Drops – A.VogelHealth Care£11.99
Mulled Pear & Spices 40Hr CandleHealth Care£13.50
Marzipan 40Hr CandleHealth Care£13.50
Frankincense & Myrrh 40Hr CandleHealth Care£13.50
Lavender 40Hr CandleHealth Care£13.50
Cinnamon 40Hr Candle – AmphoraHealth Care£13.50
Patchouli 40Hr CandleHealth Care£13.50
Manuka Honey 5+- ComvitaHealth Care£16.99
Juniper + Pine 40Hr CandleHealth Care£13.50
Rosemary & Thyme 40Hr CandleHealth Care£13.50
Relax Aromatherapy KitHealth Care£12.99
Oat & Honey 40Hr CandleHealth Care£13.50
Blackcurrant Rescue Pastilles – BachHealth Care£7.95
Nature C For Kids – A VogelHealth Care£7.49
Echinacea Lozenges – A VogelHealth Care£2.49
Kelp Tablets A.Vogel BioforceHealth Care£8.99
Bronchosan Pine Cough Syrup – A.VogelHealth Care£10.99
Extra C 950Mg 90’S – ViridianHealth Care£32.55
L-Theanine And Lemon Balm- ViridianHealth Care£16.75
Vitamin E 30’S – ViridianHealth Care£11.99
Liquid Vitamin D3- ViridianHealth Care£14.30
5Htp (Griffonia) 60 Caps – ViridianHealth Care£24.80
Org Echinacea 60S – ViridianHealth Care£14.45
Tea Tree & Geranium 40Hr CandleHealth Care£13.50
Stress Relief Daytime – A VogelHealth Care£11.99
B12 B-Complex (High12) 30’S- ViridianHealth Care£8.35
Agnus Castus Tincture 50Ml- A.VogelHealth Care£11.99
Echinaforce Tabs X42 – A.Vogel BioforceHealth Care£5.49
Comvita Manuka & Propolis Elixir 200MlHealth Care£19.95
Uva Ursi & Echinacea Drops – A.VogelHealth Care£10.50
Milk Thistle Tincture 50Ml A.VogelHealth Care£11.99
Passiflora Tincture 50Ml- A.VogelHealth Care£12.49
Passiflora Complex Spray – A.VogelHealth Care£12.99
Sleep Well Dissolvable Granules- A.VogelHealth Care£15.99
Echinaforce Sore Throat Spray- A.VogelHealth Care£12.99
Nutmeg 40Hr CandleHealth Care£13.50
Dormesan Valerian Hops Vogel BioforceHealth Care£11.99
Echinaforce Drops 15Ml A.Vogel BioforceHealth Care£4.99
Bronchoforce Ivy Thyme Drops- A.VogelHealth Care£11.99
Sinuforce Nasal Spray – A VogelHealth Care£8.99
Prostasan Saw Palmetto Caps – A.VogelHealth Care£22.49
Carbo Veg 30C Homeopathic – WeledaHealth Care£7.49
Rescue Remedy Night Drops 10MlHealth Care£8.99
Neem Soothing Cream – A.VogelHealth Care£7.99
Bio Propolis Lip Care – A VogelHealth Care£7.49
Vit D 3000Iu Spray – Better YouHealth Care£9.45
Pollinosan Hayfever 120 Tabs – A.VogelHealth Care£11.99
Ruta Grav 30C Homeopathic – WeledaHealth Care£7.45
Digestisan – A VogelHealth Care£10.99
Nano Iron 1Lt – Noble NaturalsHealth Care£46.00
Super Magnesium- Higher NatureHealth Care£8.60
Floradix Calcium Liquid Supp-250Ml-SalusHealth Care£9.95
Magnesium Liquid Supp-250Ml-SalusHealth Care£10.75
White Sage Wand 6″ – Tree HarvestHealth Care£7.99
White Sage Wand 4″ – Tree HarvestHealth Care£4.50
Ashwagandha – 30Caps – PukkaHealth Care£16.95
Nano Silver 200Ml – NobleHealth Care£34.00
Nano Zinc/Copper 1L – NobleHealth Care£44.99
Sovereign Colloidial Silver Spray 60MlHealth Care£16.95
Sleep Ease Roller 10Ml – AmourHealth Care£5.95
Nano Gold 200Ml – NobleHealth Care£45.00
Nano Gold 100Ml – NobleHealth Care£24.99
Wholistic Ashwaghanda Caps – PukkaHealth Care£24.99
Neroli 5% Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£5.95
Nano Zinc 200Ml – NobleHealth Care£21.50
Nano Zinc 15Ml – NobleHealth Care£11.50
Nano Silver 15Ml – NobleHealth Care£11.50
Reed Diffuser Refill Lavender 100MlHealth Care£8.99
Teething Granules- NelsonsHealth Care£5.55
Patchouli Mini Pot CandleHealth Care£6.99
Reed Diffuser Refill Relaxing 100MlHealth Care£8.99
Propolis Oral Spray Protection- ComvitaHealth Care£14.75
Lysine (90’S) – Higher NatureHealth Care£9.15
Reed Bundle Refill – AmphoraHealth Care£0.89
Reishi Capsules – Mindful ExtractsHealth Care£22.99
Reishi Extract – Bristol FungariumHealth Care£30.00
Rose Geranium Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£9.95
Juniper & Pine Mini Pot CandleHealth Care£6.99
Sleep Ease Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£5.95
Manderin Mini Pot CandleHealth Care£6.99
Shiitake Extract – Bristol FungariumHealth Care£30.00
Rosemary & Thyme Mini Pot CandleHealth Care£6.99
Tea Tress & Geranium Mini Pot CandleHealth Care£6.99
Francinsense Incense – Tree HarvestHealth Care£2.15
Myrrh Incense – Tree HarvestHealth Care£2.15
Sandalwood IncenseHealth Care£2.15
Sandalwood 2Ml – AmourHealth Care£14.95
Sandalwood 5% 10Ml – AmourHealth Care£6.95
Ash Catcher – Tree HarvestHealth Care£1.75
Lavender Mini Pot CandleHealth Care£6.99
Reishi Mushroom – Together HealthHealth Care£27.99
Ashwagandha 30S – Together HealthHealth Care£10.99
Insect Repellant A.VogelHealth Care£6.99
Sea Moss – Cornish SeaweedHealth Care£13.40
Seaweed & Mushroom – Cornish SeaweedHealth Care£17.40
Clarity & Focus – Cornish SeaweedHealth Care£14.95
Floradix Floravital 250Ml VeganHealth Care£12.25
Floradix Floravital 500Ml VeganHealth Care£19.99
Ginger Turmeric Bromelain – Natures AidHealth Care£9.45
Lions Mane Mushroom – Together HealthHealth Care£22.39
For Pregnancy- OptibacHealth Care£20.99
Chaga Mushroom – Together HealthHealth Care£22.39
Floradix Tabs (84)-Salus-HausHealth Care£13.25
Floradix Liquid Iron(500Ml)-Salus-HausHealth Care£21.50
Floradix Liquid Iron (250Ml) Salus-HausHealth Care£12.20
Tea Lights – Tree HarvestHealth Care£6.45
Andrographis -30 Caps (Org) – PukkaHealth Care£9.95
Chlorella Powder – NaturyaHealth Care£16.99
Magnesium Oil Spray – Better YouHealth Care£13.95
Mushroom 5 – Together HealthHealth Care£22.39
Vitamin K2 30S – Together HealthHealth Care£9.99
Turkey Tail Extract – Bristol FungariumHealth Care£37.00
Extra C 950Mg 30- ViridianHealth Care£12.15
B -Complex B1 – ViridianHealth Care£20.15
D400 Infant – Better YouHealth Care£7.45
Nag Champa IncenseHealth Care£1.19
Yoni Love Cbd OilHealth Care£13.99
Marine Calcium- 30S -TogetherHealth Care£9.99
Beautiful 60S- Together HealthHealth Care£15.99
Vegan Multi 60S -TogetherHealth Care£12.99
Iodine – 30S -TogetherHealth Care£6.99
B Complex 30S – Together HealthHealth Care£9.99
Marine Magnesium- 30S -TogetherHealth Care£6.99
Nighttime Magnesium 60S -TogetherHealth Care£13.99
Vegan Omega 3 – 30S -TogetherHealth Care£13.99
Pregnancy Multivit 60S – Together HealthHealth Care£15.99
Coenzyme Q10 -TogetherHealth Care£11.99
Stress Aid – 30S -TogetherHealth Care£10.99
Vitamin C – 30S -TogetherHealth Care£7.25
Rescue Plus Lozenge-BachHealth Care£3.99
Immune – 30S -TogetherHealth Care£11.99
Ultimate Oil Blend 60 Caps – Udo’SHealth Care£17.99
Mint Lip BalmHealth Care£4.99
Complete Multivitamins & Minerals (90)Health Care£5.49
Sleepeezy 60’S 150Mg – Natures AidHealth Care£9.45
5Htp Complex 100Mg 30 Tabs – Natures AidHealth Care£10.95
Flaxseed Oil 90 Caps – Natures AidHealth Care£10.99
Digestive Enzyms 60 Caps – Udo’SHealth Care£24.99
Digestive Enzyms 90 Caps – Udo’SHealth Care£33.99
Ultimate Oil Blend 250Ml -Org- Udo’SHealth Care£15.99
Phenopatch – Sleep – 7 PackHealth Care£11.99
Beyond Greens Powder 125G – Udo’SHealth Care£18.99
Nano Silver 1L – NobleHealth Care£56.50
Vit C T/ R 1000Mg 90S Ex- Natures AidHealth Care£9.95
Geranium Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£6.70
Grapefruit Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£3.95
Tara Original Incense – Orange BoxHealth Care£2.99
Happiness Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£5.95
Slippery Elm 300Mg- 60 CapsHealth Care£11.95
Bobble CandleHealth Care£10.00
Honey Lip BalmHealth Care£4.99
Ultimate Oil Blend 500Ml -Org- Udo’SHealth Care£26.99
Cbd Oil- Calm – Ethica CbdHealth Care£30.00
Chromium Piccolinate (90’S) – Natures AiHealth Care£7.75
B5 B Complex +C (90’S) – NaturesHealth Care£15.95
Zinc Picolinate (30’S) – Natures AidHealth Care£3.95
Zinc Lozenge(P/Mint)(30’S) – Natures AidHealth Care£4.99
Echineeze Echinacea Tab 90S -Natures AidHealth Care£8.45
Bach Flower Remedies (20Ml)Health Care£7.49
Tea Tree Cream – NelsonsHealth Care£5.15
Rescue Remedy Cream – Bach FlowerHealth Care£8.75
Vitc Low Acid 90’S(Xtra) – Natures AidHealth Care£9.95
Cbd Oil- Night – Ethica CbdHealth Care£30.00
Gentle Iron Complex 60S – Higher NatureHealth Care£8.90
Cbd Oil – Defence – Ethica CbdHealth Care£30.00
Cbd Oil- Day – Ethica CbdHealth Care£30.00
Cbd Oil- Body – Ethica CbdHealth Care£30.00
Energise Roller 10Ml – AmourHealth Care£5.95
Energise Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£5.95
Lavender Bubble Bath – Earth FriendlyHealth Care£5.49
Saccharomyce Boulardii Probiotics – OptiHealth Care£18.99
Adult Probiotic Gummies – OptibacHealth Care£12.99
Chewable Vitamin C(500Mg)-Natures AidHealth Care£5.45
Chakra Oil Burner Turquoise – AmourHealth Care£11.95
May Chang 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£3.95
Black Seed Oil Organic – One NutritionHealth Care£24.99
Chakra Oil Burner Purple – AmourHealth Care£11.95
Chakra Oil Burner Yellow – AmourHealth Care£11.95
Chakra Oil Burner Dark Blue – AmourHealth Care£11.95
Marjoram Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£6.45
Honeycomb Medium CandleHealth Care£6.99
Maitake Extract – Bristol FungariumHealth Care£30.00
Chakra Oil Burner Dark Orange – AmourHealth Care£11.95
Patchouli Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£4.95
Natural Incense- Milo’S TempleHealth Care£6.50
Joint & Muscle Ease Roller 10Ml – AmourHealth Care£5.95
Arnicare Cream 30G- NelsonsHealth Care£5.35
Calendula Cream 30G- NelsonsHealth Care£5.35
Comfrey Oil – 150Ml – Natures AidHealth Care£5.45
Nano Magnesium X Strong 70Mg 1L – NobleHealth Care£49.95
Nano Magnesium X Strong 200Ml – NobleHealth Care£26.85
Chakra Oil Burner Green – AmourHealth Care£11.95
Festive Aroma 10Ml – AmourHealth Care£4.95
Rolled Candles (Pair)Health Care£8.00
Candle Making KitHealth Care£12.00
Bee CandleHealth Care£6.00
Phenopatch – Mind – 7 PackHealth Care£11.99
Hugs CandleHealth Care£10.00
Rosehip Lip BalmHealth Care£4.99
Chakra Oil Burner Red – AmourHealth Care£11.95
Honeycomb Large CandleHealth Care£13.99
Beehive CandleHealth Care£6.00
Earth Blessing Incense GreenHealth Care£2.25
Happiness Roller 10Ml – AmourHealth Care£5.95
Phenopatch – Body – 7 PackHealth Care£11.99
Himalayan Herbs Incense – BrownHealth Care£2.35
Bee Hexagon CandleHealth Care£3.00
Pine Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£4.50
True Life Incense – WhiteHealth Care£2.35
Hand Carved Incense Holder- Tree HarvestHealth Care£6.99
Lemon Oil 10Ml Amour NaturalHealth Care£3.95
Lions Mane Extract – Bristol FungariumHealth Care£30.00
Lions Mane Capsules – Mindful ExtractsHealth Care£21.99
Turmeric (Org)Herbs£14.50
Mixed Spice (Org)Herbs£22.99
Lemon VerbenaHerbs£49.15
Cacao Nibs (Org)Herbs£22.55
Pau D’Arco BarkHerbs£23.99
Alfalfa Seeds (Org)Herbs£23.89
Pepper Black Ground (Org)Herbs£21.00
Ceylon Cinnamon (Org) – Sri LankaHerbs£36.99
Garlic Powder – OrgHerbs£19.99
Chilli Ground (Org)Herbs£28.99
Cardamon Ground (Org)Herbs£100.00
Mustard Seed Brown (Org)Herbs£14.50
Arrowroot (Org)Herbs£17.99
Fenugreek Seed (Org)Herbs£14.50
Whole Nutmegs (Org)Herbs£67.99
Cloves Ground (Org)Herbs£24.95
Ground Cumin (Org) 25G – EssentialHerbs£1.75
Turmeric (Org) – Sri LankaHerbs£35.99
Mixed Herbs (Org) 20G – EssentialHerbs£1.60
Maca (Org)Herbs£24.50
Lemonbalm LeavesHerbs£26.95
Amla Fruit Powder (Org)Herbs£46.50
Guarana GroundHerbs£39.50
Green Cardamon Whole (Org) – EssentialHerbs£1.89
Cinnamon Bark (Org) 15G – EssentialHerbs£2.15
Chilli Powder (Org) 25G – EssentialHerbs£1.75
Ground Coriander (Org) 40G – EssentialHerbs£1.60
Cumin Seed (Org) 25G- EssentialHerbs£1.75
Passionflower HerbHerbs£34.95
Mixed Spice (Org) 25G – EssentialHerbs£1.65
Whole Nutmeg (Org) 20G – EssentialHerbs£1.85
Ground Nutmeg (Org) 20G – EssentialHerbs£1.85
Oregano (Org) 20G – EssentialHerbs£1.60
Rasperry LeafHerbs£19.99
Curry Powder (Org)Herbs£23.99
Mate (Org)Herbs£24.50
Coriander Seed (Org) 40G – EssentialHerbs£1.65
Galangal Root PowderHerbs£31.99
Sage (Org) 25G – EssentialHerbs£1.69
Thyme (Org) 25G – EssentialHerbs£1.60
Turmeric (Org) 30G – EssentialHerbs£1.60
Curry Leaves (Org) 5G – EssentialHerbs£1.69
Cinnamon Quills (Org)Herbs£50.99
Maftoul – ZaytounHerbs£3.50
Cacao Powder (Org)Herbs£18.99
Bladderwrack PowderHerbs£17.10
St Johns Wort Flowering HerbHerbs£22.95
Paprika (Org) 25G – EssentialHerbs£1.85
Parsley (Org) 15G – EssentialHerbs£1.65
Slippery ElmHerbs£152.99
Baobab Fruit (Org)Herbs£31.00
Liquorice Root SticksHerbs£14.50
Salt Pink Himalayan CrystalsHerbs£7.49
Rose Petals – Tree HarvestHerbs£46.95
Rosemary (Org) 20G – EssentialHerbs£1.60
Salt Pink Himalayan FineHerbs£7.49
Chillies CrushedHerbs£25.00
Marjoram (Org) – EssentialHerbs£27.00
Basil (Org)Herbs£21.00
Star Anise (Org)Herbs£75.00
Zaatar Herb Mix 80G- ZaytounHerbs£4.20
English Breakfast Blend – OrganicHerbs£33.50
Cayenne Pepper (Org) 35G- EssentialHerbs£2.00
Garam Masala (Org)Herbs£17.99
Valerian (Cut)Herbs£59.99
Saffron 1G Box – SpainHerbs£5.99
Ras El HanoutHerbs£20.00
Black Salt (Kala Namak)Herbs£15.00
Fennel Seeds (Org)Herbs£17.99
Nutmegs GroundHerbs£20.50
Paprika Smoked (Org)Herbs£34.00
Mustard Seed Yellow (Org)Herbs£26.99
Jerk SeasoningHerbs£15.99
Fajita SeasoningHerbs£16.60
Chipotle Chillies CrushedHerbs£42.99
Nigella SeedHerbs£10.50
Celery SaltHerbs£7.55
Cardamom SeedsHerbs£45.99
Cardamom Pods (Green)Herbs£55.95
Caraway Seeds (Org)Herbs£12.50
Sumac Ground BerriesHerbs£16.99
Goji BerriesHerbs£16.99
Earl Grey Blend – OrganicHerbs£41.00
Onion PowderHerbs£9.99
Coriander Seed (Org)Herbs£14.50
Chamomile Flowers (Org)Herbs£45.99
Cloves Whole (Org)Herbs£42.99
Mixed Herbs (Org)Herbs£29.99
Peppermint (Org)Herbs£43.00
Basil (Org) 20G- EssentialHerbs£1.60
Bay Leaves (Org) 10G – EssentialHerbs£1.69
Psyllium HusksHerbs£44.99
Peppercorns Black (Org)Herbs£21.99
Peppercorn MixHerbs£22.99
Cumin Ground (Org)Herbs£44.59
Cumin Seed (Org)Herbs£39.99
Oregano (Org)Herbs£25.00
Garam Masala (Org) 25G – EssentialHerbs£1.85
Lavender (Org)Herbs£55.99
Juniper Berries (Org) 30G – EssentialHerbs£1.85
Marjoram (Org) 10G – EssentialHerbs£1.60
Star Anise (Org) 15G – EssentialHerbs£1.75
Ground Allspice (Org) 20G – EssentialHerbs£2.00
Black Onion Seed(Org) 10G – EssentialHerbs£1.75
Poppy Seed Blue (Org)Herbs£13.99
Coriander Ground (Org)Herbs£18.00
Paprika (Org)Herbs£27.99
Ginger Ground (Org)Herbs£20.99
Cayenne Pepper Blend (Org)Herbs£28.99
Thyme (Org)Herbs£19.99
Herbs De Provence (Org) 20G – EssentialHerbs£1.69
Cinnamon Ground (Org)Herbs£23.50
Mustard Led StarHousehold£14.99
Mesh Produce Bags – I Am EcoistHousehold£15.00
Amber Glass Jar With Pump 300MlHousehold£3.00
Amber Glass Jar With Pump 500MlHousehold£3.50
Hanging Plant BasketHousehold£14.99
Sports Cap With Straw – Elephant BoxHousehold£6.45
Heart Sari GarlandHousehold£10.99
Soap Saver – Friendly SoapHousehold£2.95
Handwash – Plum & Mulberry Bio D – 100MlHousehold£0.55
Cotton Nut Milk Bag – Lovetree –Household£6.99
Handwash – Lime & Aloe Bio D – 100MlHousehold£0.55
3 String Heart Recycled Sari DecorationHousehold£8.99
Handwash Geranium & Grape Bio D – 100MlHousehold£0.55
Orange All Purpose Cleaner – SodasanHousehold£6.45
Mushroom Sari DecorationHousehold£3.45
Ketaki Tea Canister LargeHousehold£16.99
Ketaki BowlHousehold£11.99
Blue Enamel JugHousehold£32.99
Ketaki Enamel TiffinHousehold£45.99
Pink Enamel JugHousehold£32.99
Firelighters X50Household£3.99
Organic Hand Sanitiser – FlayaHousehold£12.99
Recycled Sari Gift WrapsHousehold£4.99
Nylon Nut Milk Bag – Lovetree –Household£6.99
Heart Sari DecorationHousehold£3.00
Hemp Nut Milk Bag – Lovetree –Household£7.99
Hand Painted Mache Bauble SmallHousehold£2.99
Hand Painted Wooden Incense HolderHousehold£4.99
Mini Incense – Assorted ScentsHousehold£7.99
Insulated Bottle 750Ml – Elephant BoxHousehold£23.00
Spice JarHousehold£1.20
4Kg Kindling SackHousehold£7.20
12Kg Log SackHousehold£14.25
9Kg Log SackHousehold£8.95
Shower Gel Coconut Bulk – 100MlHousehold£1.25
Bird Sari DecorationHousehold£3.00
Wild Rose Conditioner Bulk – 100MlHousehold£1.10
Large Baking Cups – If You CareHousehold£1.75
Ketaki Tea Canister SmallHousehold£11.99
Unbleached Parchment Paper-If You CareHousehold£5.20
Degradable Swing Bin Bags – SymphonyHousehold£1.60
Seaweed & Citrus Condi Bulk – 100MlHousehold£1.25
Seaweed & Citrus Shampoo Bulk – 100MlHousehold£1.10
Coconut Conditioner Bulk – 100MlHousehold£1.25
Wild Rose Body Wash Bulk – 100MlHousehold£1.25
Sprouter Glass Germinator Jar- A.VogelHousehold£12.50
Wild Rose Shampoo Bulk – 100MlHousehold£1.10
Tiffin Leakproof – Elephant BoxHousehold£26.50
Tiger Stripe Wash BagHousehold£19.99
Bamboo Toothbrush Case HydrophilHousehold£9.80
Twist & Lock Canister- Elephant BoxHousehold£18.00
Jungle Print Wash BagHousehold£19.99
Food Waste Bags Compostable If You CareHousehold£5.99
Aloe Vera Body Wash Bulk – 100MlHousehold£1.25
Copper Scourers 3 Pack – SeepHousehold£6.99
Hand Wash Aloe + Tea Tree Bulk – 100MlHousehold£1.25
Shampoo Coconut Bulk – 100MlHousehold£1.25
Eco Woodchip Briquettes – Fuel For StoveHousehold£0.75
Lav + Ger Conditioner Bulk – 100MlHousehold£1.25
Lav + Ger Shampoo Bulk – 100MlHousehold£1.25
Shower Gel Lav + Ger Bulk – 100MlHousehold£1.25
Recycled Glass BaublesHousehold£2.50
Sponge Cloths – If You CareHousehold£5.50
Rubber Gloves Large – SeepHousehold£3.99
Aluminum Foil Recycled – If You CareHousehold£6.95
Soap Rest – LoofcoHousehold£2.20
Freezer Bags Medium 200 – DegradableHousehold£1.65
Degradable Refuse Sacks (10) – SymphonyHousehold£1.85
Loose Toilet Roll – Cheeky PandaHousehold£0.99
Bamboo Sushi Mat – ClearspringHousehold£1.59
Facial Tissues Bamboo – Cheeky PandaHousehold£2.19
Aluminium Refill Bottle – 450MlHousehold£4.99
Rubber Gloves Medium – SeepHousehold£3.99
Dishwasher Rinse Aid – Bio – DHousehold£3.35
Washing-Up Pad 2 Pk – LoofcoHousehold£4.95
All Purpose Sanitiser Spray – Bio DHousehold£3.29
Bathroom Spray Cleaner 500Ml – Bio-DHousehold£3.40
Glass & Mirror Spray 500Ml – Bio-DHousehold£3.45
Laundry Bleach – Bio DHousehold£2.59
Multi Surface Sanitiser Bio DHousehold£2.95
Unscented Laundry Detergent SheetsHousehold£12.45
Bio- D – Laundry Liquid LavenderHousehold£6.80
Lavender Laundry Liquid 100Ml – Bio DHousehold£0.55
Washing-Up Soap Bar – LoofcoHousehold£3.25
Kitchen Cloth 2-Pack – LoofcoHousehold£3.95
Cling Film – EcoleafHousehold£4.35
Root Vegetable Srubber – LoofcoHousehold£2.90
Scrubbing Brush – LoofcoHousehold£4.25
Washing Up Brush – LoofcoHousehold£2.75
Washing-Up Pad Single – LoofcoHousehold£2.90
Washing Up Liquid 750Ml – Bio – DHousehold£2.65
Bamboo Cutlery Set – I Am EcoistHousehold£15.00
Tumbler LargeHousehold£9.99
Toilet Tissue 4 Pk – EssentialHousehold£2.75
Sprout Germinator Large- A.VogelHousehold£33.49
Kettle & Iron Descaler EcozoneHousehold£4.10
Wax Wrap Set Of 3Household£14.99
Soap Nuts EcozoneHousehold£7.65
Fresh Linen Fabric Conditioner SheetsHousehold£8.30
Sari Drawstring BagHousehold£1.95
Toilet Cleaner Refill 100Ml – Bio DHousehold£0.35
Dishwasher Tablets – Bio DHousehold£6.39
Grapefruit Washing Up Liquid Refil100MlHousehold£0.40
Washing Up Refil 100Ml – Bio-DHousehold£0.35
Laundry Liquid Refil100Ml – Bio-DHousehold£0.50
Fabric Conditioner Refil100Ml – Bio-DHousehold£0.30
Multi Surface Cleaner 100Ml – Bio DHousehold£0.45
All Purpose Sanitiser 100Ml – Bio-DHousehold£0.25
Sari Zip BagHousehold£7.99
Two-In-One Lunchbox – Elephant BoxHousehold£29.50
Three In One Snackbox – ElephantHousehold£28.00
Insulated Bottle 500Ml – Elephant BoxHousehold£20.00
To Go Cup – Elephant BoxHousehold£17.50
Rainbow Steel Straws 4 Pack – ElephantHousehold£6.50
Clip & Seal Lunchbox No. 2 – ElephantHousehold£25.00
Ketaki Tumbler SmallHousehold£6.99
Round Leakproof Canister Trio – ElephantHousehold£35.00
Insulated Flask 350Ml – ElephantHousehold£18.50
Insulated Food Flask – Elephant BoxHousehold£22.50
Elephant Bottle 500Ml – Elephant BoxHousehold£15.00
Elephant Bottle 750Ml – Elephant BoxHousehold£18.00
The Original Elephant BoxHousehold£31.00
Spork And Carry Pouch – Elephant BoxHousehold£8.50
Enamel Mug – Mixed DesignHousehold£11.99
Brush With Handle – LoofcoHousehold£3.50
Furniture Polish Tin – Bio- DHousehold£8.50
Seal & Go Trio – ElephantHousehold£26.00
Lemongrass Room Spray – WaftHousehold£6.49
Bottle Brush – LoofcoHousehold£3.50
Washing Powder (V) 2Kg Bio-DHousehold£10.05
Bio- D – Laundry LiquidHousehold£6.36
Seal & Go Snack Pots – ElephantHousehold£14.50
Lavender Room Spray – WaftHousehold£6.49
Drawstring Bag MediumHousehold£1.95
Ketaki Tiny Snack BowlHousehold£5.50
Toilet Cleaner 750Ml – Bio – DHousehold£2.95
Clip & Seal Lunchbox – Elephant BoxHousehold£31.00
Postcard – Coo GellerHousehold£1.00
Drawstring Bag LargeHousehold£2.35
Postcard 2 Pack – Coo GellerHousehold£1.90
Postcard 4 Pack – Coo GellerHousehold£3.60
Christmas Card 2Nd – Coo GellerHousehold£1.50
Snowman/Holly Card – Coo GellerHousehold£2.90
Dish Washing Brush C&DHousehold£4.45
Recycled Greetings Card – Coo GellerHousehold£2.90
Fabric Conditioner 1Ltr – Bio DHousehold£3.70
Rice & GrainsMenu£0.00
Handmade & LocalMenu£0.00
Hot DrinksMenu£0.00
Nuts & SeedsMenu£0.00
Bulk OilMenu£0.00
Bins SnacksMenu£0.00
Deli SweetMenu£0.00
Tree HarvestMenu£0.00
Bulk PulsesMenu£0.00
Fresh VegMenu£0.00
Cereals & MuesliMenu£0.00
Promo & Customer OrdersMenu£0.00
Dairy FridgeMenu£0.00
Deli SavouryMenu£0.00
Dried FruitMenu£0.00
Fresh FruitMenu£0.00
Dark Speckled Lentils Org – EssentialPrepacks£4.20
Pinto Beans (Org) – EssentialPrepacks£3.19
Yellow Split Peas (Org) 500G – EssentialPrepacks£2.25
Green Split Peas Org – EssentialPrepacks£2.29
Red Split Lentils 500G (Org)Prepacks£2.25
Red Kidney Beans 500G Org – EssentialPrepacks£3.00
Mung Beans (Org) – EssentialPrepacks£3.69
Chickpeas Org 1K – EssentialPrepacks£3.95
Spicy Dahl Mix Org – EssentialPrepacks£4.25
Haricot Beans Org – EssentialPrepacks£2.99
Canellini Beans Org – EssentialPrepacks£2.95
Sun Dried Tomatoes Halves Org – EssentiaPrepacks£1.99
Linseed Brown (Org) – EssentialPrepacks£2.15
Brown Lentils Org – EssentialPrepacks£2.10
Aduki Beans (Organic) – EssentialPrepacks£3.50
Tuermeric & Ginger Salt – AsiliaPrepacks£4.15
Pinenuts (Org) – EssentialPrepacks£3.80
Tvp Mince Flavoured 500G – EssentialPrepacks£3.19
Tvp Chunks Plain – EssentialPrepacks£3.00
Tvp Mince Plain 250G – EssentialPrepacks£2.99
Shiitake Mushrooms – TropicalPrepacks£3.75
Chia Seed 500G -Org- EssentialPrepacks£3.25
Pea & Fava Chunks – Pro FusionPrepacks£3.75
Medjoul Dates ZaytounPrepacks£5.45
Broccoli Seeds Org 125G – EssentialPrepacks£3.85
Alfalfa Seeds 125G -Org- EssentialPrepacks£3.20
Wild Rice Org – EssentialPrepacks£4.45
Black Rice 250G (Org) – EssentialPrepacks£2.12
White Basmati 1Kg (Org) – EssentialPrepacks£4.25
Pepper & Chilli Salt – AsiliaPrepacks£3.99
Porcini Mushrooms – TropicalPrepacks£4.85
Fine Sea Salt – EssentialPrepacks£1.25
Red Quinoa 500G -Org- EssentialPrepacks£3.60
Barley Grain (Org) – EssentialPrepacks£1.60
Oat Groats (Org) – EssentialPrepacks£1.50
Millet (Org) – EssentialPrepacks£2.05
Crystalised Ginger – OrgPrepacks£1.89
Popcorn 500G -Org- EssentialPrepacks£2.15
Coarse Sea Salt – EssentialPrepacks£1.20
Flaxseed Chia Apple & Cinnamon – LinwoodPrepacks£5.35
Really Garlicky – Cornish Sea SaltPrepacks£2.15
Fresh + Zesty – Cornish Sea SaltPrepacks£2.50
Sea Salt – MaldonPrepacks£3.65
Smoked Sea Salt – MaldonPrepacks£2.99
Seven Bean Mix (Org) – EssentialPrepacks£3.29
Pistachios-Raw Kernels – EssentialPrepacks£4.58
Coconut & Lime Salt – AsiliaPrepacks£3.99
Coconut Chips Toasted OrgPrepacks£1.50
Pecans 125G – EssentialPrepacks£3.10
Cracked Linseed Gold – BionaPrepacks£5.49
Buckwheat Roasted (Org) – EssentialPrepacks£4.20
Hazelnuts Toasted Org – EssentialPrepacks£3.65
Raw Coconut Chips – OrgPrepacks£1.45
Cashews Whole (Org) – EssentialPrepacks£2.10
Ground Almonds 250G Org – EssentialPrepacks£4.30
Almonds Flaked Org – EssentialPrepacks£2.80
Almonds Blanched Org 125G – EssentialPrepacks£3.65
Linseed Gold 1Kg – EssentialPrepacks£4.50
Fruit & Nut Mix Org – EssentialPrepacks£2.69
Trail Mix Org 125G – EssentialPrepacks£2.20
Coconut Desiccated Org – EssentialPrepacks£1.35
Hibiscus Salt – AsiliaPrepacks£4.15
Gourmet Seed Mix Organic- EssentialPrepacks£4.05
Happy Hippy Orange & Geranium – MontezuSnacks£3.49
Peppermint Chewing Gum – PeppersmithSnacks£1.39
Milk & Whole Hazelnut – VivaniSnacks£3.29
Milk Chocolate Org – VivaniSnacks£3.29
Dark Nougat Chocolate Org – VivaniSnacks£3.25
Absolute Black 100% – MontezumasSnacks£2.79
Dark 72% Probiotic Chocolate – OmbarSnacks£1.99
Coconut & Vanilla Centres -Org- OmbarSnacks£1.99
Choc Salted Caramel Truffles – BoojaSnacks£6.49
Coco Mylk Bio Live Raw Choc -Org- OmbarSnacks£1.99
Acai & Blueberry Chocolate – Om BarSnacks£1.99
Peppermint Dental Mints- PeppersmithSnacks£1.65
Sesame Snaps Choc 4 Pack – AgrosSnacks£1.79
Cappuccino Chocolate Org – VivaniSnacks£3.25
Dark Marzipan Amaretto – VivaniSnacks£3.25
Signature Truffle Collection – Booja BooSnacks£12.99
70% Cooking Chocolate – VivaniSnacks£4.25
Natural Tortilla Chips – TrafoSnacks£3.60
Carob + Orange Bar CarabooSnacks£1.59
Dark Chocolate Small Ft -Org- DivineSnacks£1.25
Dark Choc With Fruit + Nut 68% – DivineSnacks£3.29
Golden Coconut In Dark Chocolate (Org)Snacks£1.40
Coco Mylk Raw Choc Buttons -Org- OmbarSnacks£1.49
Cherry Bakewell Dessert Bar – DivineSnacks£5.25
Dark Black Cherry Chocolate Org – VivaniSnacks£1.59
Salted Caramel Bar – NakdSnacks£1.00
Coco Almond Chocolate 70G – OmbarSnacks£3.29
Dark Chocolate 71% – Eq ExSnacks£2.79
Peppermint Gum – ChewsySnacks£1.29
Spearmint Gum – ChewsySnacks£1.29
Vego Bar – Mini 65GSnacks£2.35
Vego Bar – LargeSnacks£4.09
Cashew Cookie Bar – NakdSnacks£1.00
Cocoa Orange Bar – NakdSnacks£1.00
Vegan Chocolate Orange- Rhythm 108Snacks£1.75
Tiramisu Dessert Bar – DivineSnacks£5.25
Pistachio Halva -Org- SunitaSnacks£1.89
Dark Chock & Raspberries 70% – DivineSnacks£3.29
Dark Chocolate Halva – SunitaSnacks£2.39
Absolute Black + Orange – MontezumasSnacks£2.79
Hazelnut Crunch 2 Pack (Ambi) – BoojaSnacks£1.49
Hazelnut Praline – Rhythm 108Snacks£1.75
Sweet & Salty Almond – Rhythm 108Snacks£1.75
Creamy Coconut – Rhythm 108Snacks£1.75
Halva With Coconut Syrup -Org- SunitaSnacks£1.89
Hazelnut Truffle Bar – Rhythm 108Snacks£3.99
Licorice Bar – PandaSnacks£0.69
Raspberry Licorice Bar – PandaSnacks£0.69
Almond Absolute Black – MontezumasSnacks£2.79
Raspberry & Coconut Centres -Org- OmbarSnacks£1.99
Tomato Corn Rolls – AmaizinSnacks£1.95
Lemon Cheesecake Dessert Bar – DivineSnacks£5.25
Peru Dark 85% – Alter EcoSnacks£2.55
Millionaire Shortbread Bar – TrekSnacks£2.50
Salted Caramel 2 Pk – Booja BoojaSnacks£1.49
Honeycomb Caramel 2 Pack – BoojaSnacks£1.49
Milk Choc Hazelnut & Almond -Seed & BeanSnacks£2.99
Dark With Pink Himalayan Salt – DivineSnacks£3.29
Hazelnut Truffle Filled Bar – OmbarSnacks£1.75
Pistachio Cream Filled Bar – OmbarSnacks£1.75
Peanut Power Energy Bar – TrekSnacks£1.40
Orginal Swiss Herb Drops Box-RicolaSnacks£1.70
Raw Choc Goji Snack- Raw Choc CoSnacks£1.49
Chocolate Orange- 2 Pack – BoojaSnacks£1.49
Almond Dark Chocolate – Alter EcoSnacks£2.55
Dark Hazelnut Gianjula 32G – Radek’SSnacks£2.50
Dark Coconut & Raspberry-Org-Seed & BeanSnacks£2.99
Dark Choc Cornish Sea Salt – Seed & BeanSnacks£2.99
Lavender Chocolate – Seed & BeanSnacks£2.99
Dark Choc Espresso Org – Seed & BeanSnacks£2.55
Cocoa Chaos Energy Bar – TrekSnacks£1.40
75% Dark Cbd Chocolate Bar 32G – RadekSnacks£2.95
75% Dark Cbd Chocolate Bar 72G – RadekSnacks£4.99
White Chocolat Barista – IchocSnacks£2.99
Orange Dark Chocolate – Alter EcoSnacks£2.55
Chocolate Salted Caramel- Alter EcoSnacks£2.55
Dark Chocolate Carml & Sea Salt – Eq ExSnacks£2.79
Raw Choc Almonds Snack- Raw Choc CoSnacks£1.49
Almond & Crispy Quinoa Dark Choc – HuSnacks£3.79
Smooth Operator Milk Choc – MontezumasSnacks£3.49
Champagne Truffles – BoojaSnacks£12.99
Vegan Caramel Buttons – Raw Choc CoSnacks£4.99
Roasted Almond Butter Choc – Rhythm 108Snacks£3.99
Fitzroy Dark Chocolate 90G – MontezumasSnacks£3.49
Chilli Bonkers Dark Choc – MontezumasSnacks£3.49
Coconut 60% Probiotic Chocolate – OmbarSnacks£1.99
Fruit & Nut OmbarSnacks£2.85
Salted Caramel OmbarSnacks£2.85
Raspberry & Honeycomb – CarobooSnacks£1.85
Extra Strong Mints – PeppersmithSnacks£1.65
Radek’S Cbd BrownieSnacks£3.20
Hazelnut Butter Dark Choc Org – HuSnacks£3.79
Almond Salted Caramel – Booja BoojaSnacks£6.45
Vanilla Crunch Dark Choc – HuSnacks£3.79
Sesame Snaps (4 Pk) – AgrosSnacks£1.45
Sesame Snaps (Single)- AgrosSnacks£0.45
Hazelnut Crunch Truffles – Booja BoojaSnacks£6.45
Hazelnut & Nougat Choc Bar – OrganicaSnacks£1.40
Cashew M?Lk Cbd 32G Bar – RadeksSnacks£2.65
Radek’S Ipa – Wiper & TrueSnacks£5.00
Radek’S Lions Mane Bar 72GSnacks£5.99
Dark Choc With Mint – DivineSnacks£3.29
Champagne Truffles 92G- Booja BoojaSnacks£7.25
Honey Halva -Org- SunitaSnacks£1.89
Dark Salty Chocolate – HuSnacks£3.79
Biscuits Ginger – NairnsSnacks£2.09
Coconut Chia Biscuits – NairnsSnacks£2.05
Choc Chip Oaties Gf – NairnsSnacks£1.55
Double Choc Chip Cookies Gf – Sweet FaSnacks£2.99
Salted Caramel Biscuits – NairnsSnacks£2.09
Hazel Choc Praline Cookies- Rhythm 108Snacks£3.29
Hazelnut Choc Chip – Rhythm 108Snacks£3.29
Mixed Giant Berry Bars – Ma BakerSnacks£0.89
Mixed Giant Fruit Bars – Ma BakerSnacks£0.85
Apricot Flapjack – Sugar’D OutSnacks£0.95
Raspberry Flapjack – Sugar’D OutSnacks£0.95
Shortbread Buscuits – Island BakerySnacks£2.65
Biscuits Mixed Berries – NairnsSnacks£2.05
Soft Bake Choc Peanut Butter CookieSnacks£1.55
Honey Waffles -Org- BionaSnacks£2.99
Tamari Roasted Cashews Org – ClearspringSnacks£1.99
Tamari Roasted Almonds – ClearspringSnacks£1.99
Peking Duck Seaweed Crisps – ShoreSnacks£1.15
Sweet Sriracha Seaweed Crisps – ShoreSnacks£1.15
Peking Duck Seaweed Crisps 80G – ShoreSnacks£2.19
Lightly Salt Seaweed Crisps 80G – ShoreSnacks£2.19
Thin Slice Rice Cakes Choc – KalloSnacks£3.36
Sriracha Seaweed Crisps 80G – ShoreSnacks£2.19
70% Dark Choc W Orange & Ginger – DivineSnacks£3.25
Dark Choc Chip Oat Biscuits – NairnsSnacks£2.09
Blueberry Flapjack – Sugar’D OutSnacks£0.95
Cookie Dough Protein Bar – PulsinSnacks£2.35
Mixed Giant Nut Bars – Ma BakerSnacks£0.85
Malt Loaf (Org) – EverfreshSnacks£2.39
Fruity Oat Digestives – Doves FarmSnacks£1.99
Digestives 400G (Org) – Doves FarmSnacks£2.65
Stem Ginger Cookies (Org) – DovesSnacks£1.99
Choc Chip Multi Pack X4-Org- Doves FarmSnacks£2.79
Choco Hazel Cookies Sharing – Rhythm 108Snacks£3.29
Lemon Chia Cookie Sharing-Org-Rhythm 108Snacks£3.29
Coconut Crunch Cookie-Org-Rhythm 108Snacks£3.29
Soft Bake Hazelnut Praline Cookie – R108Snacks£1.59
Extreme Dark 88% – Equal ExchangeSnacks£2.75
Orange Choc Chip Oat Biscuits – NairnsSnacks£2.05
Digestives 200G (Org) – Doves FarmSnacks£1.65
Vegan Chocolate MacaroonsSnacks£2.25
Cre&M Caramelised Wafer Bar Love RawSnacks£1.99
Choc Fudge Protein Bar – PulsinSnacks£2.35
S&V Roasted Fava Beans – HodmedodsSnacks£2.99
Choc Fudge Peanut Keto Bar – PulsinSnacks£1.99
White Choc Cream Wafer BarSnacks£1.99
Cream Wafer Bar Salted CaramelSnacks£1.99
Chocolate Digestive – ProdigySnacks£3.15
Silky Almond 32G Chocolate – RadekSnacks£2.10
Almond Biscotti Biscuits-Org-Rhythm 108Snacks£3.29
Ginger Oat Biscuits 200G – Doves FarmSnacks£2.35
Hazelnut Waffles -Org- BionaSnacks£3.19
Banana And Walnut Cake – EverfreshSnacks£4.19
Fruit Snack – Mixed FlavoursSnacks£0.75
100% Raw Cacao Bar – Org- OmbarSnacks£1.99
Pistachio Centres -Org- OmbarSnacks£1.99
Hazelnut Center 70G – OmbarSnacks£3.35
Blueberry Muffin – NakdSnacks£1.00
Dark Chocolate Buttons – MontezumasSnacks£4.99
Milk Chocolate Buttons – MontezumasSnacks£4.99
White Choc Buttons – MontezumasSnacks£4.99
Tortilla Chips Natural-Org-75G- AmaizinSnacks£1.49
Oat Crumbles – Island BakerySnacks£2.75
Lemon Zest Cookies (Org) – DovesSnacks£1.99
Salted Crisps – TrafoSnacks£2.99
Corn Peanut Flips – TrafoSnacks£2.49
Bakewell Tart Bar – NakdSnacks£1.00
Lemon Drizzle Bar – NakdSnacks£1.00
Salt & Nibs Org 70G – OmbarSnacks£2.65
Vanilla Mini Mallows – FreedomSnacks£2.25
Coco Mylk 70G – OmbarSnacks£3.29
Caramel Peanutnut Bar – OtherlySnacks£1.99
Chunky Coconut Bar – OtherlySnacks£1.99
Cool Cola Bottles – BionaSnacks£2.49
Jelly Dinos – BionaSnacks£2.49
Pomegranate Hearts – BionaSnacks£2.49
Sour Snakes Org – BionaSnacks£2.49
72% Dark – OmbarSnacks£2.65
Coconut & Vanilla Centres 70G – OmbarSnacks£2.65
Marshmallows Vegan Vanilla – FreedomSnacks£2.20
Scream & Chives Quinoa Chips – Eat RealSnacks£0.85
Lemon Melts Org – Island BakerySnacks£4.10
Lentil Chip Salted – Eat RealSnacks£2.15
Sour Cream And Chive Quinoa ChipsSnacks£2.15
Tomato & Basil Hummus Chips Eat RealSnacks£2.15
Sea Salt Hummus Chips – Eat RealSnacks£2.00
Sea Salt & Balsamic Hummus ChipsSnacks£2.05
Creamy Dill Lentil Chips – Eat RealSnacks£2.15
Chilli & Lemon Hummus Chip – Eat RealSnacks£2.15
Sundried Tomato & Garlic Quinoa ChipsSnacks£2.15
Sour Cream & Chive Hum Chips – Eat RealSnacks£0.85
Chilli Lemon Lentil Chips – Eat RealSnacks£0.85
Tortilla Chips Chilli – AmaizinSnacks£1.59
Peanut Butter & Jelly Bar – LucidSnacks£3.50
Tortilla Chips Paprika – AmaizinSnacks£1.59
Tomato & Basil Hummus Chips – Eat RealSnacks£1.10
Choc Hazelnut Bar – LucidSnacks£3.50
Cookie Dough Bar – LucidSnacks£3.50
Banana Bread Bar – LucidSnacks£3.50
Lions Mane 30G Bar – RadeksSnacks£2.99
Dark Hazelnut Gianjula 72G – Radek’SSnacks£4.95
Creamy Dill Lentil Chips – Eat RealSnacks£0.89
Roasted Fava Beans Sea Salt- Hodmedod’SSnacks£2.99
Smoked Paprika + Chilli Straws- Eat RealSnacks£2.15
Cbd Lucuma 67G – RadeksSnacks£5.50
Cashew M?Lk Cbd 72G Bar – Radek’SSnacks£5.50
Sea Salt + Black Pepper Straws- Eat RealSnacks£2.15
Tahini Dark 470G – MeridianSpreads£5.20
Pnb Crunchy No Salt 1Kg – EssentialSpreads£11.59
Pnb Smooth With Salt 250G – EssentialSpreads£3.59
Tahini Light 470G – MeridianSpreads£5.20
Pnb Crunchy With Salt 250G – EssentialSpreads£3.59
Pnb Crunchy With Salt 1Kg – EssentialSpreads£11.59
Pnb Smooth No Salt 1Kg – EssentialSpreads£11.95
Pnb Smooth With Salt 1Kg – EssentialSpreads£11.59
Pnb Smooth No Salt 250G – EssentialSpreads£3.59
Essential Yeast Extract 125GSpreads£5.05
Yeast Extract Low Salt – NatexSpreads£4.45
Yeast Extract 340G – MeridianSpreads£4.99
Almond Butter Smooth 470G – MeridianSpreads£14.79
Pnb Crunchy No Salt 250G – EssentialSpreads£3.59
Pnut Butter Crunchy 1Kg Ns – MeridianSpreads£8.50
Pnut Butter Cru 1Kg Ws – MeridianSpreads£8.50
Smoked Chilli Peanut Butter Bike CoSpreads£5.75
Tahini Dark – Meridian OrganicSpreads£3.49
Beetroot & Horseradish Pate – BonsanSpreads£2.99
Yeast Extract Vitam-R 250G – EssentialSpreads£8.55
Raw Light Tahini – Carley’SSpreads£3.99
Hazelnut Org Choc Spread No PalmSpreads£4.89
Dark Choc Spread No Palm Oil – EssentialSpreads£4.49
Spicy Tomato Dip – KalloSpreads£3.20
Chunky Tomato & Lentil Dip – KalloSpreads£3.20
Raw Sunflower Seed Butter -Org- CarleysSpreads£2.75
Yeast Extract +B12 -Org- EssentialSpreads£12.30
Raw Dark Tahini – Org – Carley’SSpreads£3.65
Black Cherry Jam Nas – St DalfourSpreads£2.75
Almond Butter Smooth 170G – MeridianSpreads£3.29
Almond Butter Crunchy 170G – MeridianSpreads£3.29
Medium Cut Orange Marmalade – ThursdaySpreads£3.79
Strawberry & Rhubarb Spread – St DalSpreads£2.79
Strawberry Fruit Spread – ClearspringSpreads£3.99
Cherry Fruit Spread – ClearspringSpreads£3.99
Wild Blueberry Spread – ClearspringSpreads£3.99
Apricot Fruit Spread – ClearspringSpreads£3.99
Lemon Curd – Thursday CottageSpreads£3.99
Caromel Cashew NutcessitySpreads£5.99
Heritage Peach Spread Nas – St DalfourSpreads£2.79
Blackcurrant Spread Nas – St DalfourSpreads£2.79
Pear And Apple Fruit Spread – SumaSpreads£3.00
Blackberry Spread Nas – St DalfourSpreads£2.80
Crunchy Pb 700G – Org – CarleysSpreads£8.05
Thick Cut Orange Spread – St DalfourSpreads£2.79
Dark Tahini – CypressaSpreads£3.90
Raspberry Spread Nas – St DalfourSpreads£2.79
Strawberry Spread Nas – St DalfourSpreads£2.79
Rich Roast Smooth P/Butter – MeridianSpreads£3.65
Salted Date Peanut Butter – YumelloSpreads£4.19
Four Fruits Spread Nas – St DalfourSpreads£2.79
Raw Almond Nut Butter -Org- CarleysSpreads£6.35
Pnut Butter Smooth 1Kg Ws – MeridianSpreads£8.50
Pnut Butter Smooth 1Kg Ns – MeridianSpreads£8.50
Cashew Butter Smooth Org – MeridianSpreads£3.99
Classic Pate – TartexSpreads£3.85
Mushroom Pate – TartexSpreads£3.85
Tomato & Olive Dip – KalloSpreads£3.20
Date Walnut NutcessitySpreads£5.99
Hempseed Butter Raw Org – CarleysSpreads£5.75
Garlic & Herb Pate – TartexSpreads£3.85
Chocolate Peanut Butter Bike CoSpreads£5.75
Cashew & Pepper Org Pate – BonsanSpreads£2.99
Raw Black Tahini – Org – CarleysSpreads£3.98
Tahini Light – Meridian OrganicSpreads£3.45
Walnut Butter Raw Org – CarleysSpreads£4.45
Wild Bluebrry Spread Nas – St DalfourSpreads£2.79
Roasted Pumpkin Seed Butter -Org-CarleysSpreads£5.65
Light Tahini – CypressaSpreads£3.90
Tasty Tadka Dahl – GeoStaples£2.90
Moroccan Chickpea Tagine – Geo OrganicStaples£3.20
Ginger & Turmeric Miso Soup ClearspringStaples£3.25
Cranberry Nut Roast Mix OrganicStaples£7.10
Britsh Carlin/Badger Peas -Org HodmedodsStaples£1.95
Cashew & Cranberry Nut Roast – ArtisanStaples£3.20
Raspberry Jelly Crystals – Just WholefooStaples£1.90
Chick Pea And Bean Tagine – Free&EasyStaples£3.19
Lemon Jelly Crystals – Just WholefoodsStaples£1.90
Agar Agar Flakes – ClearspringStaples£5.99
Whipped Vegan Spray Cream – Food HeavanStaples£2.20
Soya Cream – SojadeStaples£1.25
Wholewheat Penne – EssentialStaples£1.99
Wholewheat Fussilli (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.99
Vanilla Custard Powder – Just WholefoodsStaples£1.90
Wholewheat Spaghetti (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.90
Country Veg & Cashew Nut Roast- ArtisanStaples£3.09
Vegan Tunah In Oil – MarigoldStaples£3.99
Sun Dried Tomato Nut Roast – ArtisanStaples£3.09
Ultimate Cheezly Beans – VbitesStaples£3.35
Edamame Green Soya Beans- GeoStaples£2.90
Pea Soup Org – EssentialStaples£3.19
Coconut & Kale Dahl – GeoStaples£3.10
Org Tomato Soup – EssentialStaples£3.19
Bombay Potatoes – Geo OrganicStaples£3.40
Hot & Spicy Miso Soup ClearspringStaples£3.25
Vegetable & Tomato Soup – EssentialStaples£3.25
Lentil Soup – EssentialStaples£3.25
Org Lentil & Pumpkin Soup – EssentialStaples£3.25
Bean Cassoulet Org – Free & EasyStaples£3.15
Tempeh In Spring Water – MarigoldStaples£3.65
Paparadelle Nests Org – La Terra EStaples£3.55
White Tagliatelle (Org) – La Terra EStaples£3.55
Maize & Rice Fusilli Gf Pasta – DovesStaples£3.25
White Alphabetti – La TerraStaples£2.99
Lasagne Verdi – La Terra EStaples£2.05
Spinach Fusilli (Org) – La TerraStaples£2.95
Lasagne Sheets White – La Bio IdeaStaples£2.00
Brown Rice Wakame Noodles – King SobaStaples£2.85
Vermicelli Org Noodles – King SobaStaples£2.85
Dinosaur Pasta – Biona Little FoodiesStaples£2.19
Linguine – La TerraStaples£2.69
Spelt Spaghetti Org – La TerraStaples£3.25
Wholewheat Noodles – Blue DragonStaples£2.19
Maccheroncini White – La TerraStaples£2.49
Maize & Rice Lasagne Org Gf – Doves FarmStaples£3.29
Multigrain Penne Pasta – DovesStaples£4.05
Pad Thai Org Noodles – King SobaStaples£2.85
Maize & Rice Penne Gf Pasta – DovesStaples£3.25
White Fusilli (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.89
White Penne – EssentialStaples£1.90
White Spaghetti (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.79
White Orzo 500G – EssentialStaples£2.49
Tofu/Ginger Miso Soup Org – King SobaStaples£3.45
Pumpkin Ginger Brown Rice Noodles – KingStaples£2.85
Brown Rice Spaghetti Org – DovesStaples£4.05
Spelt Penne Org – La TerraStaples£3.35
Brown Rice Penne Pasta – DovesStaples£4.05
Brown Rice Noodles – SobaStaples£2.89
Thai Rice Noodles (Org) – King SobaStaples£2.85
Buckwheat Noodles – SobaStaples£2.85
Conchiglioni White (Org) – La TerraStaples£3.99
Falafel Mix Gluten Free (Org) – AmisaStaples£2.69
White Lumache – EssentialStaples£1.89
Black Rice Noodles Org- King SobaStaples£3.05
Apple Puree Org 700G – EssentialStaples£2.79
Baked Beans (Org) Jar 350G – EssentialStaples£2.15
British Vaal Dhal -Org- Hodmedod’S BeansStaples£2.15
Org British Split Fava Bean – Hodmedod’SStaples£2.15
Baked Beans – Org – BionaStaples£1.69
Black Chickpeas -Org- BionaStaples£1.39
Aduki Beans In Water -Org- BionaStaples£1.69
Coconut Oil Virgin Raw 690Ml (Org) EssStaples£9.95
Sweetcorn Org Jar – EssentialStaples£2.20
Virgin Coconut Oil 210Ml – Org – EssStaples£3.75
Apple Puree (Org) (360G) – EssentialStaples£1.95
Sauerkraut Org 680G – EssentialStaples£2.49
Sauerkraut (Org) 360G – EssentialStaples£1.89
Sweet & Sour Gherkins Org – EssentialStaples£3.59
Young Jackfruit (Org) – EssentialStaples£2.79
Turmeric & Black Pepper KimchiStaples£6.95
Butter Beans Org – BionaStaples£1.69
Epic Mature Cheddar Block – ViolifeStaples£3.13
Raw Cacao Powder Org – Raw Choc CompanyStaples£4.99
Safari Spelt Pasta- Biona Little FoodiesStaples£2.29
Eggs Xl Free Range Box (6)- Fair AshStaples£2.20
Basil Campanelle – Cornwall Pasta CoStaples£5.55
Hot ‘N’ Smoky Kimchi – Loving FoodsStaples£6.95
Raw Sauerkraut & Carror Org – MorgielStaples£2.95
Free Range Organic Eggs – HaresfieldStaples£3.05
Raw Gherkins Unpasteurised Org – MorgielStaples£3.35
Mango Chunks In Juice (Org) – EssentStaples£1.95
Vanilla Custard – OatlyStaples£1.55
Hemp Protein Powder – ThemptationStaples£8.99
Spiced Kraut Fermented Veg – MultiStaples£5.50
Shelled Hemp Seeds – ThemptationStaples£7.99
Frozen Hemp Juice – 28 CubesStaples£25.00
Egg Replacer 135G – Free & EasyStaples£2.85
Sauerkraut Unpasteurised Org – MorgielStaples£2.99
Mid East Chickpea Casserole – Free&EasyStaples£3.05
Sliced Beetroot (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.75
Mexican Bean Soup – RifcoStaples£2.39
Lentil & Pepper Soup – RifcoStaples£2.39
Silverskin Onions – ClearspringStaples£3.89
Bean Sprouts – ClearspringStaples£2.79
Tomato Soup -Org – Free & EasyStaples£2.39
Thai Green Curry – RifcoStaples£3.25
Pea & Mint Soup -Org- Free & EasyStaples£2.39
Thai Temple Curry – RifcoStaples£3.24
Carrot & Coconut Soup (Org) – Free &EasyStaples£2.35
Butternut Squash Gnger Soup- Free & EasyStaples£2.39
Vegetable Balti -Org- Free&EasyStaples£3.19
Three Bean Chilli (Org/G/F) – Free& EasyStaples£3.19
Chick Pea & Veg Curry Free & EasyStaples£3.19
Broccoli & Kale Soup- Org-Free & EasyStaples£2.35
Sweet Potato& Chia Soup-Org- Free & EasyStaples£2.39
Mixed Beans In Water (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.25
Pineapple Chunks In Juice (Org) – EssentStaples£2.99
Coconut Milk (Org) – EssentialStaples£2.15
Black Beans In Water (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.25
Borlotti Beans (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.39
Fresh Sweetcorn Kernels -Org- EssentialStaples£2.35
Butter Beans (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.49
Lentil & Coconut Soup – RifcoStaples£2.15
Baked Beans – EssentialStaples£1.59
Baked Beans With Vegan Sausages – SumaStaples£2.65
Red Kidney Beans (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.25
Chick Peas In Water (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.20
Cannellini Beans (Org) EssentialStaples£1.25
Tinned Cherry Tomatoes- EssentialStaples£1.95
Chopped Tinned Toms (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.35
Whole Tinned Tomatoes (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.39
Dark Speckled Lentils Org- EssentialStaples£1.19
Cornflakes (Org) – Doves FarmStaples£3.15
5Kg Org Porridge Oats – PimhillStaples£14.02
Ultimate Granola – Org – Rude HealthStaples£4.99
Low Sugar Granola – Rude HealthStaples£3.99
Crunchy Almond Granola – Rude HealthStaples£4.00
Millet Rice Flakes – Org – Natures PathStaples£4.15
Coconut Flour 500G -Org- EssentialStaples£3.15
Chocolate Stars – Freee Doves FarmStaples£3.25
Lemon Juice -Org- SunitaStaples£2.19
Toasted Wheat Flakes Org – EssentialStaples£2.90
Malted Bran Flakes EssentialStaples£3.90
Gf Porridge Oats Org – DovesStaples£4.09
Supergrain Hoops – Freee Doves FarmStaples£3.85
Preserved Lemons 700G -Org- CarleysStaples£6.25
Choco Crunch Bunch Org – EssentialStaples£4.49
Mesa Sunrise – Org – Natures PathStaples£4.80
Orange Extract Org – SteenbergsStaples£5.39
Cornflour Sifted 500G -Org- EssentialStaples£3.55
Pecan Maple Twist – Rolla GranolaStaples£4.99
Keto Caveman – Rolla GranolaStaples£4.99
Keto Warrior – Rolla GranolaStaples£4.99
Zesty Caveman – Rolla GranolaStaples£4.99
Cool Raspberry – Rolla GranolaStaples£4.99
Granola Gf – Natures PathStaples£5.45
Rosewater Org 100Ml – SteenbergsStaples£4.49
Golden Cornflakes Org – Whole EarthStaples£3.20
Spelt Flakes – Rude HealthStaples£3.25
Apple Pectin – CertoStaples£3.29
Gomashio Whole Sesame Seeds With SaltStaples£3.99
Gomashio Black Sesame Seeds With SaltStaples£3.99
Polenta Ready To Eat (Org) – SunitaStaples£1.99
Porridge Oats (Org) 1Kg – EssentialStaples£2.55
Eggs Loose Ft – Fair AshStaples£0.32
Mushroom Soup Org – SumaStaples£2.49
Puffed Rice Cereal – KalloStaples£3.69
Pea Protein Natural – PulsinStaples£8.99
Spicy Kimchi -Org- BionaStaples£4.89
Quinoa Flakes 500GStaples£4.42
Mixed Milled SeedsStaples£3.99
Organic Spelt Flakes 500GStaples£2.45
Spelt Puffs Cereal -Org- AmisaStaples£2.50
Baked Beans Low Sugar Org – SumaStaples£1.49
Chickpea Flour 400G -Org- AmisaStaples£3.39
Virgin Coconut Oil 400G – BionaStaples£8.50
Almond Flour 500G – Nkd LivingStaples£9.99
Milled Chia Seeds – LinwoodsStaples£6.75
Pea Protein Chocolate – PulsinStaples£12.99
Brown Rice Fusilli Pasta – DovesStaples£4.05
Radiatori – Cornwall Pasta CoStaples£3.99
Black Beluga Lentils -Org- GeoStaples£1.75
Blackeye Beans In Water -Org- BionaStaples£1.80
Almond Pecan Crunch – Rolla GranolaStaples£4.99
Hemp Seed De-Hulled (Org) 125G – YaohStaples£3.89
Jumbo Oats (Org) 1Kg – EssentialStaples£2.55
Vanilla Extract Org 100Ml – Taylor & ColStaples£10.29
Vanilla Paste 65G – Taylor & ColledgeStaples£7.69
Crunchy Cornflakes Org – EssentialStaples£4.39
Vegan Pea & Ham Soup – SumaStaples£2.39
Virgin Coconut Oil – Biona 200GStaples£4.49
Rye Flakes (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.70
Brown Risotto Rice – BionaStaples£3.75
Amaranth Supergrain – Org – BionaStaples£3.69
Rice Quinoa Spaghetti (Org) – 250GStaples£3.99
Oat Cream – OatlyStaples£1.19
Quick Yeast 125G – Doves FarmStaples£1.85
Yeast – Dried 500G – Saf-LevureStaples£7.95
Barley Flakes (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.75
Buckwheat Flour Org – Doves FarmStaples£4.65
Olive Oil X Virgin 500Ml-Org-ClearspringStaples£11.99
Organic Olive Oil 500Ml – ZaytounStaples£16.79
Greek Olive Oil -Org- 500Ml- Mani BlauelStaples£13.45
Olive Oil Extra Virgin 3Ltr – HellenicStaples£56.99
Rapeseed Oil Org – ClearspringStaples£7.99
Rapeseed Oil Org 500Ml – EssentialStaples£3.15
Britsh Fava Beans -Org- HodmedodsStaples£1.29
Sunflower Oil Org Cp – EssentialStaples£3.19
Avocado Oil 250 Ml – ClearspringStaples£9.49
Toasted Sesame Oil 250Ml-Org ClearspringStaples£5.99
Hemp Oil Organic – ClearspringStaples£7.69
Milled Flaxseed – Org- LinwoodsStaples£5.95
Xantham Gum – DovesStaples£4.19
Bicarbonate Of Soda Gf 200G -Doves FarmStaples£1.69
Baking Powder 130G – Doves FarmStaples£1.85
Brown Rice Gf Breadcrumbs – ClearspringStaples£4.79
Buckwheat Spirals – OrgranStaples£3.99
Red Lentil Orzo Org – ProfusionStaples£3.10
Red Lentil Fusilli Org – ProfusionStaples£3.35
Chickpea Fusilli – ProfusionStaples£3.25
Edamame & Mung Bean FettuccineStaples£3.15
Black Bean SpaghettiStaples£2.65
Moroccan Spices Couscous – ArtisanStaples£1.75
Olive Oil 750Ml Organic – ZaytounStaples£24.25
Corn & Veg Penne Gf – OrgranStaples£2.99
Olive Oil 250Ml Organic – ZaytounStaples£10.15
Rice & Corn Macaroni – OrgranStaples£3.99
Organic & Nutty – Rolla GranolaStaples£4.99
Rapeseed Oil 500Ml – Cotswold GoldStaples£4.65
Flaxseed Oil 250 Ml – BionaStaples£6.89
Coconut Oil Cuisine – Biona -610Ml – OrgStaples£5.99
Ghee – Netherend Farm 300MlStaples£7.20
Olive Oil Org Extra Virgin – EssentialStaples£10.65
Greenwheat Freekeh – ArtisanStaples£2.05
White Spelt Flour – Doves FarmStaples£3.59
Maize Flour (Org) – EssentialStaples£2.95
Freee Buckwheat Flour- Doves FarmStaples£5.15
Gf Rice Flour – Doves FarmStaples£2.55
Spelt Flour Wholegra (Org) – Doves FarmStaples£3.09
Plain White Flour Blend Gf Wf Doves FarmStaples£2.99
Med Oatmeal (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.70
Sesame Oil Org 500Ml – EssentialStaples£7.69
Pasta Flour Org – Doves FarmStaples£2.39
Strong White Bread Flour (Green)-DovesStaples£2.65
Cocoa Powder Org 250G – EssentialStaples£4.55
White Bread Flour Blend Gf Wf Doves FarmStaples£3.10
Brown Bread Flour Gf – Doves FarmStaples£3.25
Wheatgerm & Bran (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.60
Gluten Free Self Raising Flour – DovesStaples£3.10
Carob Powder – Cotswold HealthStaples£2.30
Polenta Org Quick Cook Org – EssentialStaples£2.30
Vanilla Pods – Taylor & ColStaples£11.59
Pearl Barley (Uk) -Org- QueenswoodStaples£1.75
Moroccan Cous Cous Org 500G – EssentialStaples£4.35
Mediterranean Cous Cous Mix EsssentialStaples£4.85
Gram Flour – Doves FarmStaples£3.10
Cocoa Crunch – Whole EarthStaples£3.29
Strong Whlemeal Bread Flour – Doves FarmStaples£2.49
Absolutely Chocolate – Rolla GranolaStaples£4.99
Oatbran (Org) – EssentialStaples£1.85
Self Raising White Flour -Org-Doves FarmStaples£1.99
Plain White Fineflour – DovesStaples£1.99
Rye Flour Wholegrain Org – Doves FarmStaples£1.95
Sr Fine Wholemeal 1Kg Org – Doves FarmStaples£1.79
Plain Fine Wholemeal Flour – Doves FarmStaples£1.79
Malthouse Flour (Org) – Doves FarmStaples£2.29
Red Fruit Crunch – Whole EarthStaples£3.95
Dark Agave Syrup (Org) 250G – Geo OrgsSweeteners£3.90
Original Clear Vegan HoneaSweeteners£4.99
Pomegranate Molasses – OdyseaSweeteners£4.49
Icing Sugar 500G Org – EssentialSweeteners£4.89
Golden Caster Sugar Organic -BillingtonsSweeteners£2.69
Natural Cane Sugar Org – EssentialSweeteners£3.00
Dark Muscovado Sugar 500G – BillingtonSweeteners£2.25
Soft Set Vegan HoneaSweeteners£5.99
Vitacomplex Honey – GfmSweeteners£6.25
Clear Honey And Royal Jelly – GfmSweeteners£5.75
Manuka Honey Npa 10+ – GfmSweeteners£23.99
Canadian Maple Syrup – Maple ShackSweeteners£4.75
Honey South Gloucester Large 454GSweeteners£9.99
Honey South Gloucester Small 113GSweeteners£4.45
Honey South Gloucester Medium 227GSweeteners£7.35
Tiny Cute Pot Of HoneySweeteners£1.55
Black Treacle (Org) – RaynersSweeteners£3.29
Rapadura Cane Sugar – BionaSweeteners£4.89
Ukrainian Sunflower HoneySweeteners£4.75
Barley Malt Extract (Org) – RaynersSweeteners£4.35
Demerara Sugar 500G – BillingtonsSweeteners£2.25
Coconut Palm Sugar 500G -Org -BionaSweeteners£5.55
Bs7 Honey – 227GSweeteners£6.79
Bs7 Honey – 454GSweeteners£10.99
Date Syrup Squeezy -Org- BionaSweeteners£4.39
Zambian Forest Honey SetSweeteners£4.95
Rice Syrup Squeezy- Org- BionaSweeteners£4.39
Xylitol Uk 1Kg – EssentialSweeteners£11.95
Molasses Blackstrap (Org) – MeridianSweeteners£2.35
Bs7 Honey – 372GSweeteners£8.99
Golden Syrup 340G – RaynersSweeteners£4.99
Zambian Forest Honey ClearSweeteners£4.95
Clear Raw Honey – Equal ExchangeSweeteners£7.85
Set Raw Honey – Equal ExchangeSweeteners£7.85
British Summer – Black Bee HoneySweeteners£6.95
British Spring – Black Bee HoneySweeteners£6.95
Organic Set Honey – EssentialSweeteners£4.69
Organic Clear Honey – EssentialSweeteners£4.69
Almond Barista Org – Rude HealthSoya Products£2.49
Almond Milk Unsweet- Blue DiamondSoya Products£2.29
Brown Rice Drink Org – Rude HealthSoya Products£2.49
Almond Drink Org – Rude HealthSoya Products£2.69
Tiger Nut Milk – Rude Health – OrgSoya Products£2.99
Soya Milk – PlamilSoya Products£2.80
Rice & Hazelnut Milk (Org) – Isola BioSoya Products£2.99
Soya Milk Unsweetened -Org- SojadeSoya Products£2.40
Coconut Milk Powder – BionaSoya Products£3.99
Coconut Drink – Org- Rude HealthSoya Products£2.99
Soya Barista Org – Rude HealthSoya Products£2.00
Organic Oat Barista – Minor FiguresSoya Products£2.35
Cashew Drink Org – Rude HealthSoya Products£3.50
Koko Dairy Free Coconut Milk 1 LSoya Products£2.15
Oatly Oat Drink (Org)Soya Products£2.15
Minor Figures – Oat Barista FoamableSoya Products£2.25
Soya Drink Iltr BonsoySoya Products£3.59
Pea Protein Foamable Barista – SproudSoya Products£2.39
Pea Protein Drink – SproudSoya Products£2.39
Oatly Barista – FoamableSoya Products£2.35
Barista Oat Milk – Glebe FarmSoya Products£2.25
Enriched Oat Milk – Glebe FarmSoya Products£2.10
Oatly ChocolateSoya Products£2.15
Organic Barleygrass- Tree HarvestTree Harvest£29.55
Coconut Palm Sugar (Org)Tree Harvest£11.95
Marshmallow Root – Tree HarvestTree Harvest£36.95
Dandelion Herb – Tree HarvestTree Harvest£24.99
Marshmallow Leaf – Tree HarvestTree Harvest£28.99
Cacao Butter (Org) 500G – Tree HarvestTree Harvest£16.99
Raspberry PowderTree Harvest£86.85
Chaga Mushroom PowderTree Harvest£86.85
Cacao Beans Raw (Org)Tree Harvest£23.00
Lucuma Fruit (Org)Tree Harvest£29.20
Ashwaghanda Powder (Org)Tree Harvest£44.70
Irish MossTree Harvest£69.99
Reishi Mushroom PowderTree Harvest£70.75
Organic Carob (Raw Mediterranean) PowderTree Harvest£25.05
Raw Cane SugarTree Harvest£5.99
Organic Wheatgrass- Tree HarvestTree Harvest£32.50
Schizandra Berry Ground (Org)Tree Harvest£63.99
Bentonite ClayTree Harvest£16.99
He Shou Wu (Fo Ti Root) Ground (Org)Tree Harvest£60.15
Rooibos Tea (Org)Tree Harvest£35.00
Mulberries Black (Org)Tree Harvest£25.25
Restorative Tea – Tree HarvestTree Harvest£55.00
Nettle LeafTree Harvest£36.95
Hibiscus Flowers CutTree Harvest£43.00
Relaxation Tea – Tree HarvestTree Harvest£55.00
Cacao Butter (Org) 100G – Tree HarvestTree Harvest£4.95
Cacao Butter (Org) 1Kg – Tree HarvestTree Harvest£25.50
Cacao Paste (Org) 500G – Tree HarvestTree Harvest£15.99
Uplifting Infusion – Tree HarvestTree Harvest£55.00
Cacao Paste (Org) 100G – Tree HarvestTree Harvest£3.99
Cacao Paste Coins 100G – Tree HarvestTree Harvest£3.50
Cacao Butter Coins 100G – Tree HarvestTree Harvest£4.75
Spirulina (Org)Tree Harvest£42.95
Cranberries Dried (Apple Juice)Tree Harvest£22.50
Blueberries Dried (Apple Juice)Tree Harvest£35.00
Cherries Sour Org – Tree HarvestTree Harvest£30.95
Moringa Powder (Org)Tree Harvest£44.65
Green Tea SenchaTree Harvest£30.99
Squash Iron CapFruit & Veg£3.99
ClementinesFruit & Veg£5.39
WatercressFruit & Veg£3.35
LeeksFruit & Veg£5.65
CarrotsFruit & Veg£4.40
KiwiFruit & Veg£11.40
CourgettesFruit & Veg£6.65
ShallotFruit & Veg£6.99
PearsFruit & Veg£7.85
Oranges – SevilleFruit & Veg£4.75
Corn On The CobFruit & Veg£2.75
Mixed Salad LeavesFruit & Veg£2.95
Kale – Red RussianFruit & Veg£2.00
RocketFruit & Veg£3.50
Potatoes RedFruit & Veg£2.55
Onions Red Long FlorenceFruit & Veg£4.95
Onions – WhiteFruit & Veg£3.99
Broccoli Purple SproutingFruit & Veg£16.45
Beetroots – Red & GoldenFruit & Veg£4.95
Carrots RainbowFruit & Veg£2.45
Tomatoes PlumFruit & Veg£5.60
WatermelonFruit & Veg£2.50
Winter Sweet SquashFruit & Veg£3.99
TurmericFruit & Veg£15.50
SwedeFruit & Veg£3.25
SpinachFruit & Veg£2.99
Spicy Salad Leaves – Radford MillFruit & Veg£2.75
Spring GreensFruit & Veg£4.45
MushroomsFruit & Veg£17.95
TomatoesFruit & Veg£12.95
GingerFruit & Veg£14.99
OrangesFruit & Veg£3.65
CauliflowerFruit & Veg£4.25
LemonsFruit & Veg£3.99
PeachesFruit & Veg£8.75
Cabbage WhiteFruit & Veg£3.60
CeleryFruit & Veg£2.75
BroccoliFruit & Veg£9.50
Peppers – MixedFruit & Veg£8.99
Cabbage – SavoyFruit & Veg£2.65
Spring OnionsFruit & Veg£1.95
ChardFruit & Veg£2.70
BananasFruit & Veg£4.40
AvocadosFruit & Veg£2.50
Cabbage – RedFruit & Veg£3.75
AubergineFruit & Veg£6.45
LimesFruit & Veg£16.40
Beetroot PrecookedFruit & Veg£2.65
PlumsFruit & Veg£8.55
Butternut SquashFruit & Veg£5.00
Sweet PotatoesFruit & Veg£6.95
Potatoes WhiteFruit & Veg£2.45
Squash Crown PrinceFruit & Veg£3.99
Kale – Cavolo NeroFruit & Veg£3.45
Red Chilli PeppersFruit & Veg£14.99
Brussel SproutsFruit & Veg£2.90
Oranges – BloodFruit & Veg£4.75
Beefsteak TomatoesFruit & Veg£6.99
Asian GreensFruit & Veg£2.95
Onions – RedFruit & Veg£4.29
GrapefruitFruit & Veg£5.59
PumpkinFruit & Veg£3.00
ParsnipsFruit & Veg£3.85
ParsleyFruit & Veg£1.50
New PotatoesFruit & Veg£3.95
Watermelon MiniFruit & Veg£4.15
Squash Red KuriFruit & Veg£3.30
FennelFruit & Veg£7.95
Jerusalem ArtichokeFruit & Veg£2.75
CucumberFruit & Veg£1.70
Kale – Green CurlyFruit & Veg£2.20
GarlicFruit & Veg£14.75
French BeansFruit & Veg£7.99
CeleriacFruit & Veg£4.25
Cherry TomatoesFruit & Veg£9.50
ApplesFruit & Veg£5.99
Squash CelebrationFruit & Veg£3.99
MandarinsFruit & Veg£5.00
LettuceFruit & Veg£2.00
Cabbage – PointedFruit & Veg£4.35
Choc Salted Caramel Loglets-Booja BoojaSeasonal£9.99
Stem Ginger In Syrup (Org) – BionaSeasonal£6.69

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