Zero Waste Shop

As part of our commitment to minimise our impact on the environment as much as possible, we have an extensive range of refillable, zero-waste products in our shop in Bristol.

As well as cupboard staples like rice, pasta and breakfast cereals, we also have over 80 herbs and spices from across the globe.

Our range is not limited to food products; in addition, there is a selection of zero-waste toiletries and household products.

To make your shop as environmentally friendly as possible, we encourage you to bring containers to fill, but we do provide biodegradable paper bags in-store.

Reducing waste is as easy as 1,2,3

1. Weigh
An illustration of an empty jar and paper bag

1. Weigh your container

Bring your container to the till and ask a member of staff to weigh it before filling or you can use one of our bags.

2. Fill
An illustration of the zero waste filling station

2. Scoop or Fill

Scoop and fill your container as required.

3. Pay
An illustration of two filled containers

3. Pay

Return your scoop to the used scoop area. Take your filled vessel to the till to weigh and pay.

Search our zero-waste range

We have hundreds of products available from our zero-waste shop in Bristol. You can search below by product name e.g. ‘cardamon’, type e.g. ‘spice’ or dietary attribute e.g. ‘organic’.

ProductProduct CodeProduct TypeOrganic
English Breakfast BlendB513PTeasOrganic
Earl Grey BlendB515PTeasOrganic
BrahmiEX001Herbs & SpicesOrganic
Sumac Ground BerriesH000DHerbs & Spices
Caraway SeedsH525CHerbs & Spices
Cardamom Pods (Green)H527DHerbs & Spices
Cardamom SeedsH529DHerbs & Spices
Celery SaltH534DHerbs & Spices
Comfrey LeafH559DHerbs & Spices
Dandelion HerbH573DHerbs & Spices
Nigella SeedH611CHerbs & Spices
Chipotle Chillies CrushedH612DHerbs & Spices
Fajita SeasoningH615DHerbs & Spices
Jerk SeasoningH619DHerbs & Spices
Mustard Seed YellowH624CHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Chillies CrushedH628DHerbs & Spices
Nutmegs GroundH632CHerbs & Spices
Onion PowderH633DHerbs & Spices
ParsleyH641DHerbs & Spices
Peppercorn MixH645DHerbs & Spices
Poppy Seed BlueH649CHerbs & Spices
Psyllium HusksH652CHerbs & Spices
RosehipH659DHerbs & Spices
Ras El HanoutH661DHerbs & Spices
Saffron 10g Box – SpainH665PHerbs & Spices
ValerianH684DHerbs & Spices
LavenderH720DHerbs & Spices
Garam MasalaH803CHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Paprika SmokedH804CHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Star AniseH810DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
BasilH820DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Fennel SeedsH823DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
OreganoH824DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
SageH825DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
ThymeH826DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Bay LeavesH827DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Cayenne Pepper BlendH828DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Coriander GroundH829DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Ginger GroundH830DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Cinnamon GroundH831DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
PaprikaH832DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Peppercorns BlackH833CHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Chamomile FlowersH835DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Cloves WholeH836DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Coriander SeedH837DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Cumin SeedH838DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Cumin GroundH839DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Curry PowderH840DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Whole NutmegsH841DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Pepper Black GroundH844DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
TurmericH845DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Mixed SpiceH846DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
RosemaryH848DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Mixed HerbsH849DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
PeppermintH850DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Cinnamon QuillsH900DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Cloves GroundH901DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Fenugreek SeedH904DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
ArrowrootH905DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Mustard Seed BrownH907DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Cardamon GroundH908DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Chilli GroundH910DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Garlic PowderH911DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
AniseedH912DHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Ltcinnamon Ceylon Cinnamon – Sri LankaHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Ltturmeric Turmeric – Sri LankaHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Alfalfa SeedsS015CHerbs & SpicesOrganic
Pau D’arco BarkTH09Herbs & Spices
Cacao NibsTH10Herbs & SpicesOrganic
Lemon VerbenaTH101Herbs & Spices
MacaTH11Herbs & SpicesOrganic
Lemonbalm LeavesTH12Herbs & Spices
Amla Fruit PowderTH123Herbs & SpicesOrganic
Liquorice Root SticksTH129Herbs & SpicesOrganic
Salt Pink Himalayan CrystalsTH13Herbs & SpicesOrganic
Rose Petals – Tree HarvestTH136Herbs & Spices
Coltsfoot LeavesTH138Herbs & Spices
Passionflower HerbTH14Herbs & Spices
St Johns Wort Flowering HerbTH144Herbs & Spices
Cacao PowderTH15Herbs & SpicesOrganic
AsafoetidaTH151Herbs & Spices
Salt Pink Himalayan FineTH152Herbs & Spices
Galangal Root PowderTH155Herbs & Spices
Rasperry LeafTH170Herbs & Spices
MateTH20Herbs & SpicesOrganic
Slippery ElmHerbs & Spices
Baobab FruitHerbs & SpicesOrganic